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Circadian gene polymorphisms in melanoma personalized medicine approach

Jurišić, Davor; Kraljević Pavelić, Sandra; Dević Pavlić, Sanja; Markova-Car, Elitza
Circadian gene polymorphisms in melanoma personalized medicine approach // 1st Euro-Asian Melanoma Congress : abstracts
Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2014. (predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, sažetak, znanstveni)

Circadian gene polymorphisms in melanoma personalized medicine approach

Jurišić, Davor ; Kraljević Pavelić, Sandra ; Dević Pavlić, Sanja ; Markova-Car, Elitza

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1st Euro-Asian Melanoma Congress : abstracts / - , 2014

Euro-Asian Melanoma Congress (1 ; 2014)

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Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, 18.-21.09.2014

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Melanoma; clock genes; snp; personalized medicine

Circadian timing system transmits environmental signals to a core oscillator that generates circadian signals responsible for the peripheral physiological or behavioural events. It has been documented that impaired function of this intricate circadian system might be linked with diverse pathologic processes including cancer. Among all types of skin cancers the most aggressive form is melanoma and its link with deregulated circadian system has still not been studied in details. In particular, literature data point to altered expression of clock genes in human skin as an early event during malignant transformation of cells. A personalized medicine approach based on analysis of molecular alterations at the level of genome, proteome and metabolome might be therefore, helpful in assessing the status of the clock system axis, establishment of novel putative biomarkers and help in stratification of melanoma patients in accordance to disease phenotype and/or therapy outcome. Even though a small number of researches have been done in this area, the potential for improvement of melanoma management is huge and warrants future investigation efforts.

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