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Kinetics of adhesion and spreading of living cell at the charged interface

Ivošević DeNardis, Nadica; Ružić, Ivica; Pečar Ilić, Jadranka; Pletikapić, Galja
Kinetics of adhesion and spreading of living cell at the charged interface // 9th Christmas Biophysics Workshop
Buzet, Croatia, 2014. (predavanje, domaća recenzija, sažetak, znanstveni)

Kinetics of adhesion and spreading of living cell at the charged interface

Ivošević DeNardis, Nadica ; Ružić, Ivica ; Pečar Ilić, Jadranka ; Pletikapić, Galja

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9th Christmas Biophysics Workshop / - , 2014

9th Christmas Biophysics Workshop

Mjesto i datum
Buzet, Croatia, 15-16.12.2014.

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Adhesion kinetics ; algal cell ; amperometry ; Dunaliella tertiolecta ; mathematical model

Adhesion and spreading of living algal cell and its corresponding ghost membrane in suspension at the charged interface is explored with comprehensive surface techniques (i.e. amperometry and atomic force microscopy) and mathematical modelling. Kinetics of soft particle adhesion at the charged interface was not easy to access experimentally where completion of the whole process has been limited to the scale of the order of millisecond. The recorded amperometric signal of individual algal cell contains important information regarding dynamics of the corresponding process and reflecting collective surface properties of material itself. Reaction kinetics model enables determination of kinetics parameters from amperometric signal of the algal cell and reconstruction of individual states of adhesion process towards the final state formation [1]. Our results show the significant difference in kinetics of adhesion and spreading over the interface of intact algal cell and its ghost membrane. In the case of algal cell, the slower kinetics is associated with the release and spreading of intracellular material. The study of adhesion phenomena in single cell-electrode interaction is significant for relevant biological studies involving cell adhesion, cell fusion, cell activity and fundamental processes such as vesicular transport within and between cells. References [1] N. Ivošević DeNardis, I. Ružić, J. Pečar-Ilić, S. El Shawish, P. Ziherl (2012) Reaction kinetics and mechanical models of liposome adhesion at charged interface. Bioelectrochemistry 88:48–56.

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098-0982934-2723 - Informacijski sustavi o kakvoći okoliša i procjeni okolišnog rizika (Jadranka Pečar Ilić, )
098-0982934-2744 - Površinske sile na atomskoj skali u istraživanju mora i nanotehnologiji (Vesna Svetličić, )

Institut "Ruđer Bošković", Zagreb