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Pluriperspectivity and the Functionality of Contents of Bioethical Education in Croatia

Gosić, Nada
Pluriperspectivity and the Functionality of Contents of Bioethical Education in Croatia // Bioethik und Bildund/ Bioethics and Education / Walter Schweidler, Kurt Walter Zeidler (ur.).
Sakt Augustin, Germany: Academia Verlag, 2014. str. 223-234

Pluriperspectivity and the Functionality of Contents of Bioethical Education in Croatia

Gosić, Nada

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Bioethik und Bildund/ Bioethics and Education

Walter Schweidler, Kurt Walter Zeidler

Academia Verlag

Sakt Augustin, Germany


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Bioethical education, medical sciences, bioethical contens,
(Bioethical education, medical sciences, bioethical contens)

This work presents research results of the bioethical education curricula of universities in Croatia and the process of differentiating bioethics into the teaching courses. Aim of research: To establish the representation and functionality of scientific and other perspectives in conception of bioethical teaching contents into the curricula of studies included in the pattern. Goals: 1. to point out the similarities and differences in defining goals and tasks of bioethical education ; 2. compare knowledge and skills (competencies) which students must adopt to be able to value-orientate themselves at vocations they are educating themselves for ; 3. consider in detail the actuality of teaching contents and compare them to different teaching strategies ; 4. present forms of students’ activities in the teaching process and the ECTS-load coefficient of students ; 5. analyse methods of testing knowledge and terms for undergoing examination, and methods of monitoring the quality and success of performing the teaching programme. Methods: The pattern method includes teaching programmes and teaching courses from the scientific areas of biomedicine and healthcare (fields of basic medical sciences, dentistry, veterinary medicine and public health and healthcare), humanistic sciences (fields of philosophy and theology) and bio-technical sciences (fields of biotechnology and nutritional technology). Methods of content analysis were used to research the content aspects of teaching programmes ; the comparative method established similarities and differences of the curricula of faculties included in the pattern, the case study method researched individual teaching contents while the method of ideal types directed the research at discovering models according to which some of the teaching programmes in the pattern become recognizable in the educational system of professional and scientific profiles of the corresponding scientific area and field. Obtained results: The research established the presence of bioethical contents in the degree-granting educational process in Croatia, representation of aspects and perspectives in bioethical education and established the level of integration in bioethical teaching programmes.

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062-1300990-0798 - Bioetika i kultura (Nada Gosić, )

Medicinski fakultet, Rijeka

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Nada Gosić, (207046)