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Medical Anthropology and Healthcare System

Čoklo, Miran
Medical Anthropology and Healthcare System // 35th Anthropology and Health Conference
Dubrovnik, Hrvatska, 2014. (predavanje, nije recenziran, sažetak, znanstveni)

Medical Anthropology and Healthcare System

Čoklo, Miran

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35th Anthropology and Health Conference

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Dubrovnik, Hrvatska, 04-09.08.2014

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Medical anthropology; healthcare system; prevention

Medical anthropology or “applied anthropology in medicine” developed as a distinct subfield of anthropology aiming at studying human health and disease, healthcare systems, and biocultural adaptation. It tends to focus on the interaction of social, environmental and biological factors which influence health and illness both in the individual and the community as a whole, therefore inevitably taking an important part in the development of medical knowledge and healthcare systems. Integrative, interdisciplinary and holistic approach, also taking into consideration the impact of cultural and psychosocial factors on disease prevalence, enables medical anthropology to have a wider scope and understand that healthcare system can only be effective in a population if it reflects specific cultural values and norms. Healthcare systems can benefit from using medical anthropology toolset, focusing on local contexts where health and illness are recognized and responded to, in many different ways. Such approach in research enables more cost-effective disease prevention, preventive measures specific from population to an individual (personalized), early disease prevention that may start even before a person is born. Medical anthropology based interventions in healthcare system organization can optimize its usage and increase its availability, patient compliance and consequentially treatment effectiveness. This is of the utmost importance today, when healthcare systems face many problems, with increased costs, limited resources and its effectiveness constantly being questioned.

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Kliničke medicinske znanosti, Javno zdravstvo i zdravstvena zaštita, Etnologija i antropologija


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196-0342282-0291 - Promjene funkcija organa starenjem, radna sposobnost i biološka dob (Miran Čoklo, )

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