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Berth operability estimation related to ship motion

Prpić-Oršić, Jasna; Slapničar, Vedran; Turk, Anton
Berth operability estimation related to ship motion // Transactions of FAMENA, 38 (2014), 1; 13-25 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Berth operability estimation related to ship motion

Prpić-Oršić, Jasna ; Slapničar, Vedran ; Turk, Anton

Transactions of FAMENA (1333-1124) 38 (2014), 1; 13-25

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Ship mooring; ship motion; berth workability

The method of exposed berth workability estimation based on moored ship criteria for safe working and mooring is presented. The solution methodology consists of modelling a ship as panel model used to calculate the hydrodynamic loads and responses from potential theory. The mooring lines are modelled by ship to ground spring elements. The stiffness of those elements is accumulated into the global restoring matrix of the rigid body equations of motion. The obtained system of differential equations is solved by frequency domain procedure taking explicitly into account the influence of shallow water. The effect of irregular waves is taken into account by appropriate wave spectrum. The wave scatter diagram and wave direction statistic allow estimation of probability and parameters of most severe sea and as well as yearly based statistics. Illustrative applications of the method are given for several ships moored on the outside of jetty. The irregular sea is described by the Tabain spectrum. The significant values of the ship ramp displacements and velocities are compared with specific criteria limits.

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069-0691736-1667 - Numeričko modeliranje hidrodinamičkog opterećenja i odziva pomorskih objekata (Jasna Prpić-Oršić, )
120-1201703-1672 - Dinamika gibanja i opterećenje pučinskih objekata (Većeslav Čorić, )

Tehnički fakultet, Rijeka

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