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Fractal zeta functions and complex dimensions of relative fractal drums

Lapidus, Michel L.; Radunović, Goran; Žubrinić, Darko
Fractal zeta functions and complex dimensions of relative fractal drums // Journal of Fixed Point Theory and Applications, 15 (2014), 2; 321-378 doi:10.1007/s11784-014-0207-y (međunarodna recenzija, pregledni rad, znanstveni)

Fractal zeta functions and complex dimensions of relative fractal drums

Lapidus, Michel L. ; Radunović, Goran ; Žubrinić, Darko

Journal of Fixed Point Theory and Applications (1661-7738) 15 (2014), 2; 321-378

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Fractal set; fractal drum; relative fractal drum; fractal zeta function; distance zeta function; tube zeta function; geometric zeta function of a fractal string; Minkowski content; Minkowski measurability; upper box (or Minkowski) dimension; complex dimensions of a fractal set; relative fractal drum; holomorphic and meromorphic functions; abscissa of convergence; quasiperiodic function; quasiperiodic set; order of quasiperiodicity; spectral asymptotics of fractal drums

The theory of 'zeta functions of fractal strings' has been initiated by the first author in the early 1990s, and developed jointly with his collaborators during almost two decades of intensive research in numerous articles and several monographs. In 2009, the same author introduced a new class of zeta functions, called `distance zeta functions', which since then, has enabled us to extend the existing theory of zeta functions of fractal strings and sprays to arbitrary bounded (fractal) sets in Euclidean spaces of any dimension. A natural and closely related tool for the study of distance zeta functions is the class of 'tube zeta functions', defined using the tube function of a fractal set. These three classes of zeta functions, under the name of 'fractal zeta functions', exhibit deep connections with Minkowski contents and upper box dimensions, as well as, more generally, with the complex dimensions of fractal sets. Further extensions include zeta functions of relative fractal drums, the box dimension of which can assume negative values, including minus infinity. We also survey some results concerning the existence of the meromorphic extensions of the spectral zeta functions of fractal drums, based in an essential way on earlier results of the first author on the spectral (or eigenvalue) asymptotics of fractal drums. It follows from these results that the associated spectral zeta function has a (nontrivial) meromorphic extension, and we use some of our results about fractal zeta functions to show the new fact according to which the upper bound obtained for the corresponding abscissa of meromorphic convergence is optimal. Finally, we conclude this survey article by proposing several open problems and directions for future research in this area.

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Matematika, Temeljne tehničke znanosti


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036-0361621-1291 - Nelinearna analiza diferencijalnih jednadžbi i dinamičkih sustava (Mervan Pašić, )
036-0361621-3012 - Napredne strategije upravljanja i estimacije u složenim sustavima (Nedjeljko Perić, )

Fakultet elektrotehnike i računarstva, Zagreb

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