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Societal Impact of Information Warfare

Pale, Predrag
Societal Impact of Information Warfare // Defining the European Perspective / Winn Schwartau (ur.).
Washington: NCSA, 1996. (pozvano predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, neobjavljeni rad, stručni)

Societal Impact of Information Warfare

Pale, Predrag

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Sažeci sa skupova, neobjavljeni rad, stručni

Defining the European Perspective / Winn Schwartau - Washington : NCSA, 1996

InfoWARcon 4

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Brussels, Belgium, 23-24.05.1996

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Pozvano predavanje

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Međunarodna recenzija

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Information society ; information warfare ; security ; legal technologies

Information society is fundamentally based on information and thus dependant on information validity. Information warfare is undermining this fundament by denying access to information for legal users, allowing access to unauthorized users, altering information, injecting false information and various other ways. Current vision of information specialists and authorities is to seek the solution in information technologies and legal technologies. However, this approach can only buy some time and cannot really solve problems. The reason is in two aspects. First, it is very difficult to define what is legal since the world is based on multitude of legal systems and cultures. Thus, first illegalities need to start happening in order to be defined as illegal. Second, society based on competition requires us to use new technologies without being full capable in their usage and fully familiar with their side effects. Besides, there are always bugs and undocumented features. For all this reasons and individual can no longer be held responsible for the unexpected consequences of its usage of IT. Third, even if we could define everything and hold everyone responsible, we need to catch them. However, if someone really wants to do some harm, he or she can do it in the privacy of their basement and when the device or attack is developed, briefly connect it to the Internet and release the activity which will be repeated by millions of computers worldwide. To fight it back, however, humans will have to detect anomalies, research for results, develop countermeasures and launch them. Thus we will have humans fighting millions of computers. This is the battle that is lost even before it begins. Thus, the real solution lies in changing the fundamental values and attitudes of the modern world form the current which can be summarized as: “Everything is allowed unless forbidden by law. Even forbidden things can be done, if they cannot catch you.”

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