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Povezanost kemijskog sastava s indikatorima boje mlijeka magarica

Ramljak, Jelena; Ivanković, Ante; Potočnik, Klemen; Baban, Mirjana; Konjačić, Miljenko; Kelava Ugarković, Nikolina
Povezanost kemijskog sastava s indikatorima boje mlijeka magarica // Zbornik sažetaka 41. simpozija mljekarskih stručnjaka / Bašić, Z. (ur.).
Zagreb: Hrvatska Mljekarska Udruga, 2014. str. 38-39 (predavanje, nije recenziran, sažetak, znanstveni)

Povezanost kemijskog sastava s indikatorima boje mlijeka magarica
(Correlation between chemical composition and color indicators in donkey milk)

Ramljak, Jelena ; Ivanković, Ante ; Potočnik, Klemen ; Baban, Mirjana ; Konjačić, Miljenko ; Kelava Ugarković, Nikolina

Vrsta, podvrsta i kategorija rada
Sažeci sa skupova, sažetak, znanstveni

Zbornik sažetaka 41. simpozija mljekarskih stručnjaka / Bašić, Z. - Zagreb : Hrvatska Mljekarska Udruga, 2014, 38-39

41. simpozij mljekarskih stručnjaka

Mjesto i datum
Lovran, Hrvatska, 09-12.11.2014

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Nije recenziran

Ključne riječi
Mlijeko magarice ; kemijski sastav ; boja ; pH
(Donkeys milk ; chemical composition ; color ; pH)

Donkey milk is one of the nutriment which is modestly represented and insufficiently known in Europe. In recent year’s interest of consumers, nutritionists and manufacturers for that victuals are increasing. In accordance with their interests, it is important to get insight with the composition of the milk of some donkey breeds. Also, standardization of quality indicators such as color and pH of donkey’s milk can contribute to establishing of certain standards which will bring more order into the market. Because of market demand and prices of donkey’s milk in the future we can expect its adulteration, thus violating the rights of consumers. The aim of research is to determine the influence of chemical composition of donkey’s milk on the color, as possible indicator of victuals authenticity. The study was conducted on ten Littoral-Dinaric jennies during four consecutive monthly milk controls. Chemical composition of milk is determined by infrared spectrophotometry. The color of milk is determined according to CIE standard with Minolta Chroma Meter CR-410 with 50 mm diameter measurement area for color L*, a*, b*. The hydrogen ion concentration (pH) was determined by Eutech CyberScan pH 310 Meter. A significant correlation between total solids and pH (p <0.01) and color (a*, b*, p <0.01, L*, p <0.05) was determined. There was no significant correlation of milk fat and lactose with color and pH. Interesting is the significant correlation of protein with a* and b* color indicators and pH values (p <0.01) in donkey milk. A significant correlation between the a* and b* color indicators with the pH value is observed (p <0.01). This research points to the possibility of introducing a color as qualitative indicator of donkey’s milk.

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