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Power System Infrastructure Planning in Energy Community

Mladen Zeljko
Power System Infrastructure Planning in Energy Community // 8th DEMSEE Conference / Zeljko, Mladen (ur.).
Zagreb: HRO CIGRE, 2013. (predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, cjeloviti rad (in extenso), znanstveni)

Power System Infrastructure Planning in Energy Community

Mladen Zeljko

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8th DEMSEE Conference

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Cavtat, Hrvatska, 24-25.09.2013

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Contracting Party; Energy Community; energy planning; power infrastructure

During the last few years the Energy Community has initiated several studies analysing energy sector in Contracting Parties (CPs). One of them, which is very interesting because of the preparation method and at the same time very important for CPs, is Regional Energy Strategy [1]. The Regional Strategy tries to observe the entire area of the Energy Community as a unique and that the construction planning of electric power infrastructure is based on the principle of giving preference to projects of regional importance. When a plan that is based on such principle is made, then the problem of implementation appears. There was such attempts of making a joint plan of building energy infrastructure up to now, GIS Study [2] and updated GIS Study, however the implementation of these plans is (for now) completely absent. It will be difficult to convince some of the CPs that it is good for them that facilities are being built in another country, and that this would be beneficial for her also, even in a situation when it imports e.g. electricity from a country in which the power plants are being built. This paper discusses the results of the Regional Energy Strategy, the impact of this strategy on the energy situation in each CP and the possibilities to implement such strategy.

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Elektrotehnika, Ekonomija


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201-0000000-3261 - Modeliranje razvoja energetskih sustava i podsustava (Mladen Zeljko, )

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Mladen Zeljko, (92651)