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Hypergravity speeds up the development of T-lymphocyte motility

Galimberti, M.; Tolić-Nørrelykke, Iva Marija; Favillini, R.; Mercatelli, R.; Annunziato, F.; Cosmi, L.; Liotta, F.; Santarlasci, V.; Maggi, E.; Pavone, F.S.
Hypergravity speeds up the development of T-lymphocyte motility // European biophysics journal, 35 (2006), 5; 393-400 doi:10.1007/s00249-006-0046-x (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Hypergravity speeds up the development of T-lymphocyte motility

Galimberti, M. ; Tolić-Nørrelykke, Iva Marija ; Favillini, R. ; Mercatelli, R. ; Annunziato, F. ; Cosmi, L. ; Liotta, F. ; Santarlasci, V. ; Maggi, E. ; Pavone, F.S.

European biophysics journal (0175-7571) 35 (2006), 5; 393-400

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Gravity; cell motility

The effect of altered gravity on single cells has been reported in a number of studies. From the investigation of the immune system response to spaceflight conditions, interest has focused on the influence of gravity on single lymphocytes. Microgravity has been shown to decrease lymphocyte activation and to influence motility. On the other hand, the effect of hypergravity on lymphocyte motility has not been explored. We studied the migration of human peripheral blood T lymphocytes cultured in vitro in a hypergravity environment (10g). After hypergravity culture for 1-11 days, T cells were seeded on a fibronectin-coated glass surface, observed by time-lapse bright-field microscopy, and tracked by a computer program. We found that T cells, activated and then cultured in hypergravity, become motile earlier than cells cultured at normal gravity. These results suggest that hypergravity stimulates T cell migration.

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Iva Marija Tolić, (260543)

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