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Climatic or Anthropogenic Impacts — Case Study Dojran Lake

Popovska, Cvetanka; Bonacci, Ognjen; Geshovska, Violeta
Climatic or Anthropogenic Impacts — Case Study Dojran Lake // International Journal of Environmental Engineering and Natural Resources, 1 (2014), 3; 140-149 (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, članak, znanstveni)

Climatic or Anthropogenic Impacts — Case Study Dojran Lake

Popovska, Cvetanka ; Bonacci, Ognjen ; Geshovska, Violeta

International Journal of Environmental Engineering and Natural Resources (2231-1319) 1 (2014), 3; 140-149

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Water level; precipitation; temperature; evaporation; water balance

Internationally shared water bodies and their ecosystems are vulnerable both to climate and anthropogenic impacts. The case study of this paper is Dojran Lake situated in the southeastern part of the Balkans that is shared by Macedonia and Greece. Within the period 1988-2002, the water level of the Lake decreased seriously and the littoral zone became dry. This water decline together with the simultaneous water quality deterioration resulted in a biodiversity diminish and plankton reduction. The attack on the ecosystem had a harmful impact on the economy in the region. In the last decade, the water increasing trend of the Lake water level has been observed. How much the Lake is impacted by natural causes, hydrology and climate, and how much by human activities in the watershed, is a question that cannot be answered easily. The main aim of the conducted analyses is to simulate undisturbed and disturbed water levels in the Lake. Hydrological analysis and water balance modeling is obtained by the use of historically measured data for the period 1951-2010 from the hydro meteorological station at Nov Dojran on the Macedonian side. The basic characteristics of the entire Dojran Lake watershed are obtained by Digital Terrain Model (DTM). Land cover and land use characteristics are obtained by CORINE Land Cover (CLC). Three models were developed to compute the water balance components on the basis of annual, monthly and daily data.

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083-0831510-1511 - Proučavanje ekstremnih hidroloških situacija i vodnih rizika u kršu (Ognjen Bonacci, )

Fakultet građevinarstva, arhitekture i geodezije, Split

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