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Perspectives of district heating systems in Eastern Europe

Mikulandrić, Robert; Krajačić, Goran; Duić, Neven; Pranjić, Zoran; Khavin, Gennadii; Lund, Henrik; Mathiesen, Brian Vad
Perspectives of district heating systems in Eastern Europe // International Conference on District Energy 2013
Portoroy, Slovenija, 2013. (predavanje, domaća recenzija, pp prezentacija, znanstveni)

Perspectives of district heating systems in Eastern Europe

Mikulandrić, Robert ; Krajačić, Goran ; Duić, Neven ; Pranjić, Zoran ; Khavin, Gennadii ; Lund, Henrik ; Mathiesen, Brian Vad

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Sažeci sa skupova, pp prezentacija, znanstveni

International Conference on District Energy 2013

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Portoroy, Slovenija, 23-25.03.2013

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District heating systems; Eastern Europe

District heating system could contribute to more efficient heat generation through cogeneration power plants or waste heat utilization facilities and to increase of renewable energy sources share in total energy consumption. In the most developed EU countries, renewable energy sources have been more extensively used in district heating systems either separately or as a supplement to traditional fossil fuels in order to achieve national energy policy objectives. District heating systems with integrated heat storages could also contribute to integration of intermittent energy sources. Eastern European district heating sector still faces problems such as old and inefficient technology, high emissions and high heat losses. This work presents current status and perspective of district heating sector in Eastern Europe. The work has been carried out in scope of 4th Generation District Heating Technologies and Systems project.

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