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Assessment of Forest Damage in Croatia Caused by Natural Hazards in 2014

Vuletić, Dijana; Kauzlarić, Željko; Balenović, Ivan; Krajter Ostoić, Silvija
Assessment of Forest Damage in Croatia Caused by Natural Hazards in 2014 // South-east European forestry, 5 (2014), 1; 65-79 doi:10.15177/seefor.14-07 (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, prethodno priopcenje, znanstveni)

Assessment of Forest Damage in Croatia Caused by Natural Hazards in 2014

Vuletić, Dijana ; Kauzlarić, Željko ; Balenović, Ivan ; Krajter Ostoić, Silvija

South-east European forestry (1847-6481) 5 (2014), 1; 65-79

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Ice break; torrents; floods; damage assessment methods; forest; natural disaster

Background and Purpose: Recent natural disasters (ice-breaks, torrents, floods) that affected five Croatian counties caused significant damage on forest stands and forest infrastructure. Since in Croatia there is no common methodology for fast and reliable assessment of forest damage, the aim of this paper is to develop and present methodology for rapid damage assessment and to prescribe urgent recovery measures, as well as to provide first preliminary results of the total damage to forests. Materials and Methods: An attempt was made to develop the methodology which would rely on existing legislations, regulations, instructions and experiences for forest damage assessment as much as possible. Estimation of forest damage was based on field observations, spatial data of forest management units and data from the existing Forest management plans. Results: According to conducted assessment, forests of Primorsko-goranska County are the most affected by the overall damage caused by ice- storm. Major damages occurred both on the forest and on forest roads. Ice-storm also caused serious damages on forests and on forest roads in Ličko- senjska County and Karlovačka County, while floods and torrents caused damages on forest roads in Zagrebačka County, Sisačko-moslavačka County and Karlovačka County. Money-wise, the total forest damage amounts 942 252 183 €. Conclusions: Methodology for rapid damage assessment presented in this paper resulted on first preliminary estimate of range, intensity and cost of forest damage caused by recent natural disturbances. More precise data on forest damage will be known after the implementation of the proposed emergency recovery measures. Also, certain improvements of methodology in terms of precision and collection of data may be achieved by incorporating remote sensing methods.

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Hrvatski šumarski institut, Jastrebarsko

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