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The application of Herzegovinian herbs in production of tea mixes

Rajić, Marina; Jokić, Stela; Bilić, Mate; Vidović, Senka; Bošnjak, Andreja; Adžić, Darko
The application of Herzegovinian herbs in production of tea mixes // Food in health and disease, 3 (2014), 1; 31-37 (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, pregledni rad, znanstveni)

The application of Herzegovinian herbs in production of tea mixes

Rajić, Marina ; Jokić, Stela ; Bilić, Mate ; Vidović, Senka ; Bošnjak, Andreja ; Adžić, Darko

Food in health and disease (2233-1220) 3 (2014), 1; 31-37

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Herzegovinian herbs; tea mixes; market analysis; tea application

Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H) is a country that is biologically diverse in its rich and varied landscape surroundings. Due to the rapid development of chemistry in the last decade it is assumed that the synthetic substances will obtain advantage over herbs. However, there was a sudden increase in demand for products obtained from medicinal plants in western European countries. Special significance for human life had a plant species that can be used for production of herbal remedies in the pharmaceutical industry in the form of mono component herbal teas or tea mixes, which have extensive use in traditional medicine. Tea is having a share in highly competitive field - the global beverage market. A wide range of tea products are still evolving to be developed. The tea industry must follow the challenges facing the future with confidence. The pharmaceutical industry each year produced more herbal products, which are sold in pharmacies and traditional specialized herbal pharmacies. Research on the effects of tea on human health has been linked by the growing need to provide naturally healthy diet products that include plant-derived polyphenols. In line with this, there is need to explain how well known functional components in foods could extend the role of diet in disease prevention and treatment. This paper will highlight the application of tea mixes in human everyday use with emphasis on their therapeutic effects and the factors which affect the quality of herbs included in selected herbal tea mixes. The market analysis of herbs in B&H focused on different area of Herzegovina with diversity of plant species will be reviewed.

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Prehrambeno-tehnološki fakultet, Osijek

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Stela Jokić, (294973)
Mate Bilić, (134161)