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Globalisation, Empire, and the Vampire

Vrbančić, Mario
Globalisation, Empire, and the Vampire // CLCWEB-Comparative Literature and Culture, 9 (2007), 2; 2, 8 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Globalisation, Empire, and the Vampire

Vrbančić, Mario

CLCWEB-Comparative Literature and Culture (1481-4374) 9 (2007), 2; 2, 8

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Globalisation ; vampire ; Lacanian psychoanalysis

In his paper, "Globalisation, Empire, and the Vampire, " Mario Vrbančić opens up the question of the possibility of a dialectical utopian thinking in postmodernism. Following Lacanian psychoanalytic theory, Vrbančić analyses the vampire as the nation looking both at Hardt and Negri's theory of Empire and Žižek psychoanalytically inclined theory of nationalist identification. The vampire always occurs in the wake and decay of Empires: Dracula embodies Victorian fears of the infestation of the undead by invading the imperial centre ; in America vampires disperse and multiply in popular culture and the mass media ; in a newly emerging global order (Empire) they may embody the power of the multitude, with a view from the real of a hazy mirage of the earthly Jerusalem in their quest for global citizenship.

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Mario Vrbančić, (295136)

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