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Symbolism of Names in the Novel Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Božić, Dragana
Symbolism of Names in the Novel Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone // ELALT2
Novi Sad, Srbija: Filozofski fakultet, Novi Sad, 2013. (predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, sažetak, ostalo)

Symbolism of Names in the Novel Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Božić, Dragana

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Sažeci sa skupova, sažetak, ostalo

ELALT2 / - : Filozofski fakultet, Novi Sad, 2013


The Second International Conference on English Studies English Language and Anglophone Literatures Today

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Novi Sad, Srbija, 16.3.2013.

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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone; symbolism; onomastics

This academic paper elaborates on onomastic resources and functions of proper names based on J. K. Rowling’s novel Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. The aim of this paper is to determine whether the characters’ names are chosen by accident or are they intentionally symbolic. After the concise introduction in onomastics itself, several onomastic functions have been sorted out two of which, namely descriptive and character functions of names being defined and exemplified. For the purpose of explaining each name origin hypothesis, certain parts of the novel have been retold. Whenever possible, names have been examined on several linguistic levels ; phonological, morphological and semantic level. Furthermore, not only characters’ proper names have been studied but also their nicknames which fulfil the name origin hypothesis. In addition, some characters have multiword names, which are usually descriptive. Besides determining symbolic names’ functions, the paper also deals with its translation to Croatian language by contrastive analyses of the English original and the official Croatian translation. The mentioned translation is applied to multiword proper names from the novel. Furthermore, direct onomization of appellatives, i.e. the act of changing appellatives in proper names, has been detected and illustrated. All selected examples, as the analyses has shown, are direct onomization of herbal appellatives which are in accordance with charachers’ functions in the novel. The paper continues with ideological characterization of characters which is in compliance with their names. However, the analyses has shown that the author J. K. Rowling did not limit characters’ naming to English language but has encompassed old German, Greek, French and Latin names latter being mostly related to spell names. Finally, the paper finishes with examples of historical characterization of both animal and human characters and their name analyses. Some animal names have shown that these animals can be paralleled with historical personalities. However, their name origin dissents from their personality. In addition, likewise multiword human names, the author gave some animals multipart blend names where all parts bring some characteristic eventually leading to the complete picture. Besides studying foreign language names’ origin, the author did some research on mythology naming one of her animal protagonist after famous mythological creature giving it similar characteristics. However, this is not a single case of mythology related animal names. To summarize, after the conducted research, it can be concluded that J. K. Rowling did a lot of pre-writing name origin research and symbolically named her characters in accordance to their roles, functions, ideologies and characteristics thus making the novel even more intriguing.

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Fakultet elektrotehnike, računarstva i informacijskih tehnologija Osijek

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Dragana Božić Lenard, (337065)