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Analysis of the ship piping installation effect on the mounting and operation of pumps

Micev, Goran; Mrakovčić, Tomislav
Analysis of the ship piping installation effect on the mounting and operation of pumps // Pomorstvo : journal of maritime studies, 27 (2013), 1; 21-37 (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, prethodno priopcenje, znanstveni)

Analysis of the ship piping installation effect on the mounting and operation of pumps

Micev, Goran ; Mrakovčić, Tomislav

Pomorstvo : journal of maritime studies (1332-0718) 27 (2013), 1; 21-37

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Ship piping; pumps; stress analysis; finite element method

In this paper, the analysis of the ship piping installation effect on the possibility of mounting and on the operation of pumps was performed. Smaller or greater deviations from the project dimensions which complicate the mounting of the equipment, such as pumps or valves, appear frequently during the piping installation. Additional works on ship piping inevitably mean high addi­tional costs and overrun of time limits scheduled for the piping installation. On the other hand, incorrectly mounted pump will have significantly shorter working life and if pump malfunction happens in an unfavourable moment, the consequences could be serious. Meth­odology, by which it could be verified if the measured piping deviation is acceptable before the equipment mounting, could yield in significant savings during the piping installation and exploitation. Loads that affect on the pump housing upon incorrect mounting could be calculated precisely by the application of the finite element method. In this paper, the finite element method analysis was performed on the example of a chosen seg­ment of the ship piping where the pump housing loads were calculated as the function of the piping deviation from the project dimensions. On the basis of the obtained results, it is possible to evaluate whether the preexisting condition of piping could be acceptable or not. Directives for the continuation and systematization of this research according to the needs and requirements of a specific technological piping production and installation process are given in the conclusion.

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069-0691668-1725 - Numeričke simulacije i optimizacija brodskih dizelskih motora (Vladimir Medica, )

Tehnički fakultet, Rijeka

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Tomislav Mrakovčić, (229054)

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