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Numerical simulation of cargo tanks inerting

Grbčić, Luka; Mrakovčić, Tomislav; Hodak, Goran
Numerical simulation of cargo tanks inerting // Pomorstvo : journal of maritime studies, 27 (2013), 1; 39-54 (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, izvorni znanstveni rad, znanstveni)

Numerical simulation of cargo tanks inerting

Grbčić, Luka ; Mrakovčić, Tomislav ; Hodak, Goran

Pomorstvo : journal of maritime studies (1332-0718) 27 (2013), 1; 39-54

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Inerting; cargo tanks; numerical simulation; finite volume method

The topic of cargo tanks inerting on board liquid cargo carriers is presented in this paper. The inert gas production system and requirements which such a system has to fulfil are described. Factors that influence the quality of cargo tank inerting as well as different approaches to cargo tanks inerting are pointed out. The mathematical model used in the numerical simulation of cargo tanks inerting and its application on the example of a liquid cargo carrier is described in the paper. The numerical simulation of inerting is performed for a case of the first cargo tank inerting after the ship delivery or after docking. Several examples of different inert gas injection directions were analyzed with an intention to find out an optimal inert gas injection direction. Furthermore, the influence of the inert gas injection velocity on the gas concentration change rate inside the cargo tank is investigated. An overview of the obtained results and guidelines for the improvement of the presented simulation model are given in the conclusion chapter.

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069-0691668-1725 - Numeričke simulacije i optimizacija brodskih dizelskih motora (Vladimir Medica, )

Tehnički fakultet, Rijeka

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Tomislav Mrakovčić, (229054)

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