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Overcoming perceptions of uncertainty and risk in e-retailing

Renko, Sanda; Popović, Daniel
Overcoming perceptions of uncertainty and risk in e-retailing // Business Logistics in MOdern Management / Segetlija, Zdenko (ur.).
Osijek: Faculty of Economics in Osijek, 2013. str. 23-31 (predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, cjeloviti rad (in extenso), znanstveni)

Overcoming perceptions of uncertainty and risk in e-retailing

Renko, Sanda ; Popović, Daniel

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Business Logistics in MOdern Management / Segetlija, Zdenko - Osijek : Faculty of Economics in Osijek, 2013, 23-31


XIII International Scientific Conference "Business Logistics in modern Management"

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Osijek, Hrvatska, 17.10.2013

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E-retailing ; trust ; risk ; uncertainty ; consumers ; Croatia

Increasing development of Internet and the use of information and communication technology contributed to changes in consumers` purchasing. Consumers continue to buy in various brick-and- mortar store formats but they start to introduce on-line purchasing for some type of products and services, as well. Consumers discovered the enormous potential of e-retailing (McKnight et al., 2002) and home shopping. Several factors have influenced the growth of their popularity, such as: access and the number of households purchasing personal computers (Newmann and Cullen, 2002), easy comparison of competing products and prices which helps in finding the best offer (Finne and Sivonen, 2009), overall costs reduction (Luarn and Lin, 2003), etc. There is the growing body of literature concerning factors which encourage consumers to use Internet shopping facilities and electronic commerce customer relationship management. However, there are some areas which cause problems in e- retailing consumers` acceptance, such as uncertainty about product quality, incomplete product information (Ba and Pavlou, 2002), a lack of trust in the technical and institutional environments surrounding the Web (McKnight et al., 2002), etc. The main purpose of this paper is to explore overall perceptions of e-retailing among Croatian consumers. In particular, the focus of the paper is on the areas which influenced the customer commitment and loyalty in e-retailing. In understanding whether Internet and home shopping affected consumers` purchases and what is the level of acceptance of e-retailing comparing to traditional, brick-and-mortar stores, the quantitative study on the sample of 392 consumers was conducted. The on-line questionnaire was designed specifically to find out consumers` acceptance of e-shopping, factors affecting their on-line shopping behaviour, consumers` perceived usefulness of e-retailing, etc. The findings indicate that consumers use on-line purchasing more than two years ago, but that they still do on-line purchasing activities with a significant level of uncertainty and distrust.

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067-0672345-2286 - Marketinški sustav konkurentske prednosti ponude ekoloških proizvoda u RH (Sanda Renko, )

Ekonomski fakultet, Zagreb

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Sanda Renko, (246584)

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