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Prikaz digitalnog nakladničkog tržišta u Hrvatskoj

Pehar, Franjo; Velagić, Zoran
Prikaz digitalnog nakladničkog tržišta u Hrvatskoj // Međunarodna konferencija Nakladništvo - trendovi i konteksti
Pula, Hrvatska, 2013. (predavanje, neobjavljeni rad, znanstveni)

Prikaz digitalnog nakladničkog tržišta u Hrvatskoj
(An overview of the digital publishing market in Croatia)

Pehar, Franjo ; Velagić, Zoran

Vrsta, podvrsta i kategorija rada
Sažeci sa skupova, neobjavljeni rad, znanstveni

Međunarodna konferencija Nakladništvo - trendovi i konteksti

Mjesto i datum
Pula, Hrvatska, 7-8.12.2013.

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Nakladništvo; elektroničke knjige; e-knjige; tržište; Hrvatska
(Publishing; electronic books; e-books; market; Croatia)

The paper gives an outline of e-book business in Croatia, another European small language market, with focus on basic features which shaped the context of its appearance, first projects, and current state. The e-book business in Croatia has been shaped during the last decade, with the key role of non-commercial publishing. Namely, early projects and initiatives started mainly with the objective of digitizing Croatian culture and by making works of literature and required school readings available in electronic format for free. Even today non-commercial publishers are representing almost half of the Croatian language e-books. The emergence of commercial e-book market dates in 2010. Its protagonists have signed agreements with ca. 30 domestic publishers ; making another half of the Croatian e-book scene. E-books in Croatian publishing industry are still a new niche segment that has to be considered more of a perspective for future developments than a present reality. Dominant page to pixel model and publishers’ reluctance in developing e-books as new, print-independent products seems to be the main obstacle in building the competitive e-book enterprise at national level.

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