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Mean platelet volume (MPV) as prognostic factor in acute pancreatitis (AP)

Franjić, Neven; Mikolašević, Ivana; Štimac, Davor
Mean platelet volume (MPV) as prognostic factor in acute pancreatitis (AP) // Pancreatology 13 (2013) (S) S1-S98
Zurich: elsevier, 2013. str. S31-S31 (poster, međunarodna recenzija, sažetak, znanstveni)

Mean platelet volume (MPV) as prognostic factor in acute pancreatitis (AP)

Franjić, Neven ; Mikolašević, Ivana ; Štimac, Davor

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Pancreatology 13 (2013) (S) S1-S98 / - Zurich : Elsevier, 2013, S31-S31

45th European Pancreatic Club (EPC) Meeting

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Zurich, Švicarska, 26.-29.6.2013

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Acute pancreatitis; MPV; modified Atlanta criteria

Introduction: Mean platelet volume (MPV) is a machine-calculated measurement of the average size of platelets and is typically included in blood tests as part of the complete blood count. Vascular thrombosis and systemic hypercoagulable states are well documented complications of acute pancreatitis (AP). Higher values of MPV have been associated with thrombotic disorders. According to the literature, only few studies have investigated the association between AP and MPV. Objectives: To determine whether the value of MPV at admission correlates with the occurrence of local and systemic complications of AP ; lethal outcomes ; and severe form of AP, according to modified Atlanta criteria. Patients and methods: 53 patients (35 male and 18 female) were enrolled in this retrospective study. MPV values were obtained on an automated hematology analyzer (Olympus AU 640, Tokio, Japan). Student’s t-test was used for statistical analysis. Results: There were no statistically significant differences in the average values of MPV regarding local complications (7.51±0.99 vs. 7.91±1.24, p=0.22), systemic complications (7.60±1.05 vs. 7.72±1.22, p=0.76), severe form of AP (7.47±0.97 vs. 7.94±1.22, p=0.13) or lethal outcomes (7.58±1.03 vs. 7.97±1.38, p=0.41). Conclusion: Our study did not confirm the value of MPV in predicting complications in the course of AP.

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