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Refrigerants - Part 1: Properties and air - conditioning applications

Pavković, Branimir
Refrigerants - Part 1: Properties and air - conditioning applications // The REHVA European HVAC Journal, 50 (2013), 5; 7-11 (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, članak, znanstveni)

Refrigerants - Part 1: Properties and air - conditioning applications

Pavković, Branimir

The REHVA European HVAC Journal (1307-3729) 50 (2013), 5; 7-11

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Radovi u časopisima, članak, znanstveni

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Refrigerants; properties; proceses
(Refrigerants; properties; processes)

The paper on refrigerants has been divided in two parts. Refrigerants’ thermodynamic, physical, chemical, safety – related and environmental properties have been presented and discussed in the first part of the paper. Influence of those properties, which is of the utmost significance on the vapor – compression process efficiency and design has been presented. The design of HVAC system is influenced by the choice of the vapor – compression process, which means that refrigerant choice defines HVAC design as well. Throughout the history, refrigerant development took place due to different reasons, such as safety, stability, durability, economic or environmental issues, thus giving the boost to new research and equipment improvement in terms of safety and efficiency. Recent legislation worldwide and in EU is still not quite completed concerning refrigerant issues. The delicate subject of refrigerants is widely discussed, viewpoints of different parties are opposite, depending on positions and interests, and compliance on that issue is not easy to achieve. In the second part of the paper about refrigerants, past present and future of refrigerants and suitable applications will be discussed, with emphasis on natural refrigerants.

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