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Church and Religion in Croatia

Kušar, Stjepan; Valković, Marijan
Church and Religion in Croatia, 2000. (pregled sažetaka hrvatskih radova na engleskom).

Church and Religion in Croatia

Kušar, Stjepan ; Valković, Marijan

Bulletien ET (European Society for Catholic Theology)

Vrsta, podvrsta
Ostale vrste radova, pregled sažetaka hrvatskih radova na engleskom


Ključne riječi
Aspekti religioznosti; laici; alternativna religioznost; povjerenje u medije; povjerenje u institucije
(Aspects of religiosity; layment; alternative religiosity; confidence in institutions; confidence im the media)

The purpose of this research is to evaluate the religious beliefs and moral attitudes of the population in Croatia, with special regard to new religious movements. It is the first empirical study of its kind covering the whole population of Croatia. The head researcher is professor Marijan Valković, chair of Moral theology and Social Teaching of the Church at the Faculty of Catholic Theology (Zagreb University), with collaboration from the some Faculty and from other academic and scientific institution (both theologians and social scientists). Half of the research has been achieved. It is a representative survey on the basic of a questionnaire with 71 carefully formulated questions with 331 variables and a sample of 1245 Croatian citizens, covering all the social strata of the population. Beside detailed questions and answers related to various aspects of religion and morality on the whole, there is a special concern for Catholic Church problems in Croatia (clergy-laity, the moral debate...), for marriage and family life, for social issues, for ethnic, interreligious and confessional relations. Since the end of the communist regime in Eastern Europe, the disintegration of former Yugoslavia and the establishment of independent Republic of Croatia it was reasonable presumed that there may be changes in moral and religious attitudes also in Croatia, obviously combined with the cultural and social transformations in West Europe and in the world. The war of aggression against Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina (1991-1995) deepened the religious and moral problems and dilemmas. All this required an empirical study. According to our survey, 87.9% Catholics, although with different degrees of identification and of meaning. The results of the research give important insights on the changes in the traditional image Church and religious in Croatia.

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Katolički bogoslovni fakultet, Zagreb

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Stjepan Kušar, (184181)