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Are Various Forms of Locomotion-Speed Diverse or Unique Performance Quality?

Čavar, Mile; Ćorluka, Marin; Čerkez, Ivana; Čuljak, Zoran; Sekulić, Damir
Are Various Forms of Locomotion-Speed Diverse or Unique Performance Quality? // Journal of human kinetics, 33 (2013) (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Are Various Forms of Locomotion-Speed Diverse or Unique Performance Quality?

Čavar, Mile ; Ćorluka, Marin ; Čerkez, Ivana ; Čuljak, Zoran ; Sekulić, Damir

Journal of human kinetics (1640-5544) 33 (2013);

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Radovi u časopisima, članak, znanstveni

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Specific testing; factor analysis; bipedal locomotion; quadrupedal locomotion

He forward-sprint is considered to be, and is regularly performed as, a unique measure of “on-ground” linear- speed performance. Thus far, no investigation has simultaneo usly studied different forms of linear-speed or investigated whether different forms of linear-speed should be observed as unique performance quality. The purpose of this study was to determine (I) the achievements (i.e. execution time), and (II) the reliability and inter-relationships between various linear-speed performances. The participants were 42 male physical education st udents with substantial sport-specific backgrounds. We applied a total of six tests: three quad rupedal (supine backward, supine forward, and pronate backward locomotion) and three bipedal-pe rformances (forward sprinting, backward sprinting, latera l shuffling). All of the tests showed appropriate reliability parameters (Cronbach Al pha ranged from 0.91 to 0. 97 ; Inter-Item-R 0.78-0.92 ; Coefficient-of-Variation 1.3-9.1). The tests used in this study shared between 9% and 50% of the common variance. Our results suggest that differen t activities require activity-specific tests of lin ear-speed. This is particularly significant in those sports and activities in which quadrupedal locomotion patterns are highly important (wrestling, physically trained military services, law enforcement, fire and rescue, protective services).

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315-1773397-3407 - Terenski i specifično-situacijski mjerni instrumenti u kineziologiji (Damir Sekulić, )

Kineziološki fakultet, Split

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Damir Sekulić, (226874)

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