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Calcareous sponges from the Adriatic Sea

Imešek, Mirna; Klautau, Michelle; Pleše, Bruna; Nikolić, Vedran; Roller, Maša; Ćetković, Helena
Calcareous sponges from the Adriatic Sea // 9th World Sponge Conference
Fremantle, Western Australia, 2013. str. 123-123 (poster, međunarodna recenzija, sažetak, ostalo)

Calcareous sponges from the Adriatic Sea

Imešek, Mirna ; Klautau, Michelle ; Pleše, Bruna ; Nikolić, Vedran ; Roller, Maša ; Ćetković, Helena

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9th World Sponge Conference

Mjesto i datum
Fremantle, Western Australia, 04-08.11.2013

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Porifera; calcareous sponges; taxonomy; Adriatic

The first studies on the class Calcarea were mainly done by Schmidt and Haeckel in the XIX century, which means that the Adriatic Sea is the type locality of several species of calcareous sponges. As several of their original descriptions are much incomplete and some type species have disappeared, new collections of Adriatic calcareous species, with detailed morphological descriptions and DNA sequences are very welcome. Therefore, the aim of this work was to try to find and reexamine old Adriatic species and to possibly expand the number of known species. To accomplish this, 18 specimens of calcareous sponges were collected in the Adriatic (Island of Vis, Island of Ciovo and Selce) by SCUBA in 2010. We combined the traditional morphological approach (spicule size, shape and skeleton organisation) with DNA analyses (partial 18S, 28S ribosomal DNA sequences, and ITS1-5.8S- ITS2). We found a total of nine species of six different genera (Arthuria, Borojevia, Clathrina, Leucandra, Paraleucilla and Sycon). Four species are new to science. Our results point that the calcarean sponge fauna of the Adriatic Sea is still underestimated and new surveys should be done.

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098-0982913-2874 - Geni i genomi: struktura, funkcija i evolucija (Helena Ćetković, )

Institut "Ruđer Bošković", Zagreb