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Determination of the influence of media on the neon colour spreading

Vusić, Damir; Tomiša, Mario; Milković, Marin
Determination of the influence of media on the neon colour spreading // Tehnički vjesnik, 21 (2014), 4; 807-814 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Determination of the influence of media on the neon colour spreading

Vusić, Damir ; Tomiša, Mario ; Milković, Marin

Tehnički vjesnik (1330-3651) 21 (2014), 4; 807-814

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Graphic reproduction ; intensity ; medium ; neon colour spreading
(Graphic reproduction ; intensity ; medium ; neon colur spreading)

This paper represents a continuation of investigation of the influence of various parameters in the process of graphic reproduction on the intensity of the neon colour spreading effect. Influence of different media (printing substrates, and a LCD monitor) was examined, with certain combinations of the inserted segment colour and surround colour of the primary stimulus. The study was conducted on the Ehrenstein figure, with D65 CIE standard illuminants. The intensity of the effect is calculated using the colour difference variable, which represents the deviation in manifestation of neon colour spreading effect in relation to the colour of the graphic reproduction medium. Statistical analysis of results was conducted by using appropriate non parametric tests. It indicates that there is a statistically significant difference in the evaluation of the intensity of the investigated effect in most cases of printing substrates compared to the LCD monitor as a medium. The higher intensity of the effect on the LCD monitor than on the printing substrates was confirmed.

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