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Information analysis of management goals of private forest owners in Croatia

Posavec, Stjepan; Beljan, Karlo
Information analysis of management goals of private forest owners in Croatia // Informatologia, 45 (2012), 3; 238-245 (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, članak, stručni)

Information analysis of management goals of private forest owners in Croatia

Posavec, Stjepan ; Beljan, Karlo

Informatologia (1330-0067) 45 (2012), 3; 238-245

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Radovi u časopisima, članak, stručni

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Private forest owners ; forest management ; forest economics ; Croatia

Forestry is an important source of income in rural areas for forest owners and workers alike. The future of the people who make a living from forestry in those areas, will considerably depend on how individuals and institutions react to changes in the environment, how forest owners and managers obtain new knowledge and put it into practice in forestry, and how institutions, especially forest administration, extension services, forest research and other institutions deal with those emerging changes. The new EU strategies for economic and social revival of rural areas include diversification of economic activities, especially into tourism and leisure activities, promotion of local products and new markets, development of human resources and support of national and international cooperation at the same time with promotion of participation of local stakeholders in creating employment opportunities in rural areas. Forest Act of 2005 is the basic law that defines key entities and their relationships in regard to forests and forestry in the Republic of Croatia. The principle of sustainable management of forest resources is obligatory for all entities dealing with forests and forest land. The private forest ownership in Croatia is highly fragmented. On average, each owner holds two forest lots which are not connected. The borders are not marked and in practice there is no proof of ownership. Accessibility of private forests by forest roads is limited. The paper presents non-wood forest functions and forest management goals among small-scale forest owners based on a sample of 180 owners in Croatia.

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068-0683446-3514 - Razvoj strukture šumskih proizvoda za potrebe prerade drva (Stjepan Posavec, )

Šumarski fakultet, Zagreb