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Stable gastric pentadecapeptide BPC 157-NO-system relation.

Sikirić, Predrag; Seiwerth, Sven; Ručman, Rudolf; Turković, Branko; Stančić - Rokotov, Dinko; Brčić, Luka; Sever, Marko; Kliček, Robert; Radić, Božo; Drmić, Domagoj et al.
Stable gastric pentadecapeptide BPC 157-NO-system relation. // Current pharmaceutical design, 20 (2014), 7; 1126-1135 doi:174/13816128113190990411 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Stable gastric pentadecapeptide BPC 157-NO-system relation.

Sikirić, Predrag ; Seiwerth, Sven ; Ručman, Rudolf ; Turković, Branko ; Stančić - Rokotov, Dinko ; Brčić, Luka ; Sever, Marko ; Kliček, Robert ; Radić, Božo ; Drmić, Domagoj ; Ilić, Spomenko ; Kolenc, Danijela ; Aralica, Gorana ; Stupnišek, Marijana ; Šuran, Jelena ; Barišić, Ivan ; Džidić, Senka ; Vrčić, Hrvoje ; Šebečić, Božidar

Current pharmaceutical design (1381-6128) 20 (2014), 7; 1126-1135

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BPC 157; NO system

We reviewed stable gastric pentadecapeptide BPC 157-NO-system-relation, its close participation in Moncada's (maintained vascular integrity, platelets control) homeostatic healing response of NO-system to injury. Namely, BPC 157 particular healing effect also affects all events after vascular integrity loss (dependent on circumstances, it reduces either thrombosis (abdominal aorta anastomosis) or bleeding/thrombocytopenia (amputation, heparin, warfarin, aspirin)) and in a series of different injurious models, acute and chronic, BPC 157 consistently advances healing after severe injuries in various tissues spontaneously unable to heal ; stimulates egr-1 and naB2 genes ; exhibits high safety (LD1 not achieved)). Hypothesis, that BPC 157 (since formed constitutively in the gastric mucosa, stable in human gastric juice, along with significance of NO-synthase and the basal formation of NO in stomach mucosa, greater than that seen in other tissues) exhibits a general, effective competing both with L-arginine analogues (i. e. , L-NAME) and L-arginine, and that this has some physiologic importance (NO- generation), later, practically supports its beneficial effects illustrating BPC 157 and NO- system mutual (with L-NAME/L-arginine ; alone and together) relations in (i) gastric mucosa and mucosal protection, following alcohol lesions, in cytoprotection course, NO-generation, and blood pressure regulation ; (ii) alcohol acute/chronic intoxication, and withdrawal ; (iii) cardiovascular disturbances, chronic heart failure, pulmonary hypertension, and arrhythmias ; (iv) disturbances after hypokalemia and hyperkalemia, and potassium- cell membrane dysfunction ; and finally, in (v) complex healing failure, proved by the fistulas healing, colocutaneous and esophagocutaneous. However, how this advantage of modulating NO- system (i. e. , particular effect on eNOS gene), may be practically translated into an enhanced clinical performance remains to be determined.

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