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Dynamics of the Kopački Rit (Croatia) wetland floodplain water regime

Tadić, Lidija; Bonacci, Ognjen; Dadić, Tamara
Dynamics of the Kopački Rit (Croatia) wetland floodplain water regime // Environmental Earth Sciences, 71 (2014), 8; 3559-3570 doi:10.1007/s12665-013-2747-7 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Dynamics of the Kopački Rit (Croatia) wetland floodplain water regime

Tadić, Lidija ; Bonacci, Ognjen ; Dadić, Tamara

Environmental Earth Sciences (1866-6280) 71 (2014), 8; 3559-3570

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Wetland; fFloodplain; water level; water regime; Kopački Rit

Kopački Rit Nature Park is part of the Danube River natural floodplain and one of the last oases of wild life in the Danube River Basin. Due to its extraordinary value, it was inscribed on the list of Wetlands of International Importance in 1993. More than 2, 000 species have been registered in this area, which consists of lakes, canals, grassland, marshland and forests. Even the number of investigations which have been performed on its biological and ecological features, hydrological and water resources characteristics, as a prerequisite for ecohydrological analyses, are still rather unknown in the scientific community. Mainly the Danube River and partly the River Drava cause flooding of Kopački Rit and inundations enter the area from both the northern and southern parts. Results of hydrological and meteorological analysis show a decreasing trend of both mean and minimum, annual water levels in the Rivers Drava and Danube (respectively 1.8 and 1.38 cm/year). These reductions in water level can reduce the replenishment periods of Kopački Rit Nature Park. In addition, a significant rise of mean annual air temperature and consequently water temperature (data 1988–2011) may be causing increasing evapotranspiration and loss of water within Kopački Rit. But an encouraging counteracting finding is that, the results of frequency analysis show, even a discharge of 5-years’ return period on the River Danube inundates 70 % of the Danube floodplain and Kopački Rit Nature Park.

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082-0000000-3246 - Međudjelovanje hidromelioracijskih sustava i okolišnih čimbenika (Neven Kuspilić, )

Građevinski fakultet, Zagreb,
Fakultet građevinarstva, arhitekture i geodezije, Split,
Građevinski i arhitektonski fakultet Osijek

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