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Tourism and e-business: The semantic paradigm as a precondition for success

Šimunić, Mislav; Pilepić, Ljubica; Šimunić, Maja
Tourism and e-business: The semantic paradigm as a precondition for success // Informatologia, 46 (2013), 1; 1-7 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Tourism and e-business: The semantic paradigm as a precondition for success

Šimunić, Mislav ; Pilepić, Ljubica ; Šimunić, Maja

Informatologia (1330-0067) 46 (2013), 1; 1-7

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Radovi u časopisima, članak, znanstveni

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E-business; tourism; semantic; web; semantic paradigm

The development of technology in many ways determines the business concepts and way of business processes at all levels of business. Tourism business, today can not be imagined without the integration of Internet and the Web in everyday business practice. Semantic Web (which deals with aspects of the meaning) is an extension of the World Wide Web as seen through the integration of "machine" technology and human intelligence (human brain), and is often described in different ways as a utopian vision, website data-information, or paradigm change in everyday use of web. Modern business via the web starts from the behavioral approach of all involved in the business process, particularly in the area of online promotion, whereby the base of a dynamic web site should be automatism which is based on the results of semantic analysis.Business via the web is increasingly important and dominant in the business. Business “Systems” - companies in the tourism industry must follow modern trends and continuously adopt technological changes from the global context.In this way the positive effect is visible at the web site user side (satisfaction) and on the better business results on the other hand. The main feature of this paper is to present behavioral models in the tourism business through the prism of the Semantic Web paradigm.

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116-1352598-2487 - Upravljanje logističkim procesima u turističkoj destinaciji (Edna Mrnjavac, )

Fakultet za menadžment u turizmu i ugostiteljstvu, Opatija

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