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Evaluating the Perceived and Estimated Quality in Use of Web 2.0 Applications

Orehovački, Tihomir; Granić, Andrina; Kermek, Dragutin
Evaluating the Perceived and Estimated Quality in Use of Web 2.0 Applications // Journal of systems and software, 86 (2013), 12; 3039-3059 doi:10.1016/j.jss.2013.05.071 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Evaluating the Perceived and Estimated Quality in Use of Web 2.0 Applications

Orehovački, Tihomir ; Granić, Andrina ; Kermek, Dragutin

Journal of systems and software (0164-1212) 86 (2013), 12; 3039-3059

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Web 2.0; Quality in Use; Usability; User Experience; Evaluation Methodology; Study Results

Web 2.0 refers to a new generation of web applications where individuals are able to participate, collaborate, and share created artefacts. Despite the fact that Web 2.0 applications are widely used for both educational and professional purposes, a consolidated methodology for their evaluation is still not available. This paper presents and discusses the results of two empirical studies on the case of mind mapping and diagramming Web 2.0 applications. Both studies employed logging actual use method to measure the estimated quality in use, while the retrospective thinking aloud method and an online questionnaire were applied to assess the perceived quality in use. Achieved analytical results showed that the results of the estimated and the perceived quality in use match partially, which indicates that quality in use should be measured with both subjective and objective instruments. The work presented in this paper is the first step towards a comprehensive methodology for evaluating the quality in use of Web 2.0 applications. Consequently, the usage of the proposed quality in use model for other types of Web 2.0 applications as well as contexts of use needs to be investigated in order to draw generalizable conclusions.

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Računarstvo, Informacijske i komunikacijske znanosti


Projekt / tema
016-0000000-3327 - Automatizacija postupaka u projektiranju informacijskih sustava (Alen Lovrenčić, )
177-0361994-1998 - Upotrebljivost i prilagodljivost sučelja inteligentnih autorskih ljuski (Andrina Granić, )

Fakultet organizacije i informatike, Varaždin,
Prirodoslovno-matematički fakultet, Split

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