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Documentation and Users : Proceedings of the CIDOC Annual Conference

Documentation and Users : Proceedings of the CIDOC Annual Conference, Zagreb: Muzej grada Zagreba, 2005 (zbornik)

Documentation and Users : Proceedings of the CIDOC Annual Conference

Šojat-Bikić, Maja

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Muzej grada Zagreba





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ICOM/CIDOC; Godišnja konferencija; Zagreb; zbornik radova
(ICOM/CIDOC; Annual conference; Zagreb; proceedings)

Under the roof of a truly outstanding monument of Croatian culture, the building of the former National and University Library, which today houses the Croatian National Archives, we museum officers came together on three days in May, each of us bringing with us a part of our museum, part of our land and culture. It is not by chance that we held CIDOC 2005 in this very place. Archives, libraries and museums share one and the same social and professional mission – producing documentation and disseminating knowledge to serve the community and the needs of individuals and different groups of users. Deeply convinced of the people-centred mission of the museum, serving the community by the dissemination of the most diverse of contents, we placed at the centre of interest of this conference the user of museum documentation. Because what could possibly be the purpose of museum documentation if it does not serve the community and individuals of very different orientations and professions? Accordingly, the main theme of this conference was “Documentation and Users”. CIDOC 2005 attempted to synthesise our views of the users of digital material in museums. Museums, one sector in the e-culture, develop numerous services in order effectively to put into practice their role in the current world, linked with the global information infrastructure, and to provide a wealth of digital information. And in fact the place for museums is at the very centre of the convergence of social, cultural and technological trends. Organising CIDOC 2005 was a major challenge for my co-workers and me. We endeavoured to create a useful and worthwhile conference, and all those who presented their projects enhanced the programme of the conference. Forty-one addresses from nine countries and a number of topics: disseminating museum knowledge to users, cataloguing the cultural heritage, data modelling and standards, conservation documentation, digital fragility and digital preservation, web and multimedia, services and legal issues. We met in Zagreb, in the year that ICOM dedicated to bridging cultures, we talked and we listened, shared ideas and opinions. In the 21st century we will genuinely have to enable electronic access to museum documentation resources and assistance in the linking of cultures. We hope that CIDOC will contribute to making the lives of the officers and friends of museums, present and future, a little easier.

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Documentation and Users : Proceedings of the CIDOC Annual Conference, Zagreb: Muzej grada Zagreba, 2005 (zbornik)
Šojat-Bikić, M. (ur.) (2005) Documentation and Users : Proceedings of the CIDOC Annual Conference. Zagreb, Muzej grada Zagreba.
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