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Sharing of experiences: A tool for building of National Spatial Data Infrastructure

Bačić, Željko; Rašić, Ljerka
Sharing of experiences: A tool for building of National Spatial Data Infrastructure // 2nd INSPIRE Conference "Implementation and Beyond" Abstracts / Fullerton, Karen ; Miserez, Katleen (ur.).
Ispra, italija: European Commission, Joint Research Center, 2008. str. 35-36 (predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, sažetak, znanstveni)

Sharing of experiences: A tool for building of National Spatial Data Infrastructure

Bačić, Željko ; Rašić, Ljerka

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2nd INSPIRE Conference "Implementation and Beyond" Abstracts / Fullerton, Karen ; Miserez, Katleen - Ispra, italija : European Commission, Joint Research Center, 2008, 35-36


2nd INSPIRE COnference "Implementation and Beyond"

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Maribor, Slovenija, 23.-25.06.2008

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NSDI; SGA; best pracitce

Through the Law on State Survey and Real Estate Cadastre that came into force in February 2007 State Geodetic Administration (SGA) became coordination body for establishment of National Spatial Data Infrastructure in Croatia (NSDI). One of the main tasks is to give technical support for its establishment. Before launched fruitful cooperation with some European as well as outside-European states was continued in field of spatial data infrastructure (SDI). Cooperation on national level: SGA as main initiator of SDI establishment in Croatia has already started cooperation with other NSDI subjects in field of production of spatial data under its responsibility. Trough the Program of State Survey and Real Estate Cadastre for the period 2001-2005 a set of agreements with regional and local self-government bodies as well as public institutions was achieved. A significant number of orthophotos, topographic and cadastral maps were produced in frame of those agreements. Nowadays, several geoinformation systems based on SGA’s data, like geoinformation system for national parks and military geo-information system, are in final phase of production. A new project led by Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development with aim to establish Land Parcel Identification System is under preparation and in frame of the project collaboration with State Geodetic Administration concerning orthophoto and cadastral maps is foreseen. Sharing of best practices with other SDIs: Since many years SGA has been aware of importance and need for awareness raising followed by education of NSDI subjects. Therefore, in cooperation with Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency and National Land Survey of Sweden in May 2007 the first workshop on NSDI in Croatia was organized, where Swedish experts presented their model of SDI in two days, separately to the invited participants on political and technical level. A separate workshop was held for members of NSDI Council, the highest NSDI body on political level At the same workshop the legal framework of NSDI in Croatia and the first phase of Geoportal establishment were introduced to the Croatian GI community. More then 100 participants were invited building a crosscut trough Croatian GI community including representatives from state bodies and other public institutions, regional and local self-government bodies, private sector, associations, education and research institutions and other subjects dealing with spatial data. A survey conducted within participants showed that awareness for need of NSDI is at very high level in Croatia. The second workshop on NSDI was held in September 2007, where Canadian experts showed a quite different approach of NSDI establishment. In 2008, two NSDI workshops are planned where Croatian GI community will have opportunity to become familiar with German and Norwegian SDIs. In frame of collaboration with Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency several courses for an aimed group of participants involved in NSDI establishment in Croatia, were organized where experiences in field of NSDI management, standards and data delivery were shared and same proposal and instructions suggested. In November 2007 the Ministry of Finance and GFA Consulting Group GmbH from Germany signed a contract that among others will give support to NSDI establishment for SGA needs. The contract should analyze conformity of geo-portal concept and services with INSPIRE directive, support the organisation of NSDI bodies and structures and establish two Special Interest Groups with aim to elaborate proposal for NSDI standard and activities in line with INSPIRE directive. Being aware of need for informing the whole professional community directly involved in NSDI establishment, on national, regional, local and business level, as well as all users, SGA has prepared the first study concerning NSDI in Croatia. The publication consists of two parts, the first one gives the clear roadmap for NSDI establishment and the second part meets requirements of INSPIRE directive.

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007-0072284-2287 - Geopotencijal i geodinamika Jadrana (Geo++Adria) (Tomislav Bašić, )

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