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CIAM in the Service of Constructing Socialist Society

Bjažić Klarin, Tamara
CIAM in the Service of Constructing Socialist Society // Jugoslavija - architettura e citta (1945-91). I nuovi studi
Venecija, Italija, 2013. (predavanje, nije recenziran, sažetak, znanstveni)

CIAM in the Service of Constructing Socialist Society

Bjažić Klarin, Tamara

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Jugoslavija - architettura e citta (1945-91). I nuovi studi

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Venecija, Italija, 24. 01. 2013

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CIAM; Zagreb; Ernest Weissmann; Vladimir Antolić

After the Great War in Croatia - one of the six republics of the Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia - architects built a physical environment of the new socialist society directly relying on the Neues Bauen principles accepted ant partly accomplished in the 1930's. The scope of architectural tasks gave them the opportunity to experiment with typification, standardization and prefabrication adopted by the First FIve-Years Plan (1947-51). In the area of urban planning, reconstruction and expansion of cities, it meant the implementatiton of the CIAM's (Congres International d'Architecture Moderne) Functional City concept. The process of connecting with CIAM and the acceptance of its ideology was generally performed in two stages elaborated in this presentation. The first stage is the pre-war period of networking, the official enrollment and participation of Croatian architects, Ernest Weissmann and Radna grupa Zagreb (Working group Zagreb), in the work of the Congress. The second stage is characterized by the transfer of ideology in the realm of urban planning theory and practice with the emphasis on the broader geographical and economic context. The significant role in the post-war period had Vladimir Antolić, CIAM delegate and the director of Urbanistički institut Hrvatske (Croatian Institute for Urban Planning).

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Arhitektura i urbanizam, Povijest umjetnosti


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101-0000000-3046 - Modernizam i prostorni identitet Hrvatske u dvadesetom stoljeću (Boris Magaš, )

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Tamara Bjažić Klarin, (267071)