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Thermal Comfort While Sitting on Office Chairs - Subjective Evaluations

Vlaović, Zoran; Domljan, Danijela; Župčić, Ivica; Grbac, Ivica
Thermal Comfort While Sitting on Office Chairs - Subjective Evaluations // Drvna Industrija, 63 (2012), 4; 263-270 doi:10.5552/drind.2012.1222 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Thermal Comfort While Sitting on Office Chairs - Subjective Evaluations

Vlaović, Zoran ; Domljan, Danijela ; Župčić, Ivica ; Grbac, Ivica

Drvna Industrija (0012-6772) 63 (2012), 4; 263-270

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Radovi u časopisima, članak, znanstveni

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Office chair; seating; sitting; thermal comfort; PU-foam; design; construction; subjective method

Thermal comfort is related to human physiological reactions. In order to maintain a constant internal temperature, the human body must dissipate heat in a warm climate, and prevent heat losses in a cold climate. The overall sensation of comfort accompanies the warmest part of the body in a warm environment and the coldest one in a cold environment. Chair design and clothing may affect the difference in sensitivity between certain parts of the body, that is, they may affect thermal comfort. This research focused on subjective sensation of warmth and moisture while sitting on offi ce chairs. The subjective method of evaluating thermal discomfort is based on ISO7730:2005 standard, according to which a questionnaire was made for this research. Six subjects took part in the research. They were sitting on fi ve different offi ce chairs as they performed their usual jobs in controlled conditions. From the point of view of the evaluation of the sensation of warmth, all chairs were evaluated neutrally. The sensation under the buttocks and thighs was reported to be somewhat warmer, while the sensation on the back was reported to be somewhat colder, which was affected by the design of the back of the chair. No correlation has been proven between the actual temperature and moisture measurements and subjective evaluations of thermal comfort, in spite of a number of direct links. The use of the present method offers the possibility of further research into this subject, which would prove more thoroughly a correlation between design and construction solutions of office chairs and the comfort perceived by sitting persons.

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068-0680720-0708 - Razvoj proizvoda od drva s ciljem očuvanja zdravlja (Ivica Grbac, )

Šumarski fakultet, Zagreb

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