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Horvat, Jasna
Krijesnici, Zagreb: Algoritam, 2009 (Roman za djecu)

(The Bonfires)

Horvat, Jasna

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krijesnici; hrvatska mitologija; Osijek; Tvrđa
(The Bonfires; Croatians Mythology; Osijek; Tvrđa)

Koliko god danas bili udaljeni od svijeta mitova s kojima su naši slavenski (a možda i neki drugi) preci zasigurno živjeli jednako intenzivno kao što su pripadnici drugih naroda živjeli sa svojim velikim mitovima, istina je da nam svatko tko se upusti u istraživanje tih nepreglednih prostranstava otvara prozor u taj drugi svijet, u kojem su dobro i zlo dva lica jednoga, u kojem su sva događanja dubinski isprepletena i u kojem obično ne vrijedi ono što se komu učini na prvi pogled, već treba duboko zakopati ne bi li se razumjela bît stvari. U Krijesnicima nas u avanturu otkrivanja toga svijeta uvodi dvoje djece, Slaven i njegova najbolja prijateljica Iris. Gradeći odnos između Slavena i Iris, a onda i njihov odnos prema mitskoj stvarnosti Sova planine, autorica nas korak po korak uvlači u podtekst pripovijedanja u kojem jedni pored drugih supostoje gotovo stereotipni muško-ženski odnosi, ali i oni drugačiji, koji izigravaju stereotipe prekoračujući granice zadanoga. Jasna Horvat ima majstorsko oko i za detalj i za cjelinu, i za otkrivanje najsitnijih pukotina pojedinačne ljudske prirode i posebnosti čitavih društvenih zajednica. Zbog svega je toga ovaj njezin roman za mlade istovremeno i ravničarska osječka priča, lokalizirana i prepoznatljiva i po mjestima na kojima se događa i po jeziku kojim je ispripovijedana, ali i silno zanimljiva studija brojnih karaktera, što "stvarnih" što "mitskih", onakvih kakvima ih je autorica vidjela. Maštovite ilustracije u knjizi i na naslovnici djelo su Pike Vončine.

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Very Important What is very important begins every morning: important is to get up on time, wash up the face, put the clothes on and go to school on time. Even more important is to revise what you have learned, write the homework assignment and solve the difficult problems. Important is to come back home from school, put down neatly the school bag and wash the hands. It is important not to run across the road. The important is to greet politely and to be good. The important is, almost always, at the same time difficult. However, it is not always so. What is important is a good memory, fast running and nice drawing skill. Many things that are easy are important, such as good and long sleep, for example. You may ask yourself how sleeping could be important, when anyone is able to sleep and sleeping is not at all difficult. It is claimed by, those who know, that important things are not at the same time difficult. It is said, that playing games is important indeed, everyday companionship and true friendship as well. All important events are being remembered by the friends with whom were they accompanied. Keeping company with Slaven and Iris I have remembered adventures which happened to them together with The Bonfire Spirits, good home genius. Carefully following them I have found out how important is the knowledge of hearing the speech of invisible creatures. I have found out that the most important of all is the power of believing in impossible. Slaven and Iris’s beliefs in absurd, lead them to the path into forgotten world in which there were no schools or textbooks. Lead them to the times in which today’s unknown letters were used. In time in which there were strong freakish, stubborn and excited Gods. At the end, here is something very important: only if you are not afraid of magic, eagles, owls, nymph or fairy join Slaven and Iris’s adventures. If you would find something unclear or difficult find the description in the explanation chapter and in the dictionary at the end of the book. Part one In pursuit of the Sunstroke Lady All because of the Bad Mark in Pollination Although the twilight was the witness of the end of guitar lesson, Slaven decided to stand in front of the Music school doors. The very day he could not make up his mind whether to go back home or not. What to say to Mammy? It would be nice if he had sour throat, the mother would fly away to the doctor with him and the bad mark would be unnoticed. However, he is not so lucky. Today he is completely healthy, indeed, he has not the fiver, his knees are uninjured, and even he has no hiccups. The sudden sound interrupted his train of thoughts. He rushed and realised that his snickers produce the horrified sound on the coble pavement of old Tvrđa. It looked that even the war with the Turks would be a piece of cake compared to what he is going to experience at home. He kicked powerfully fairly large stone, although it was unintentionally. Sharp sound split the night as well as the kicked stone. Slaven was astonished with his own strength. “Anyway, I am an important person”, he encouraged himself. While he was bending down, he examined closely the two half of the split stones. Symmetrically split and around, stones were so beautiful to him. He picked them up from the dusty ground. Several times he hit one stone to another imagining himself in the world in which there were no school, no biology, no homework assessments, and no alarm-clock and imagining himself in the world without any obligation. After the last stroke he suddenly felt that his lags become weightless. In one second the miracle happened –Tvrđa and the outlines of the cars disappeared in front of his very eyes. The confused town noises become more and more distant. *** Slaven was lying down, flat on his back, in the middle of densely covert, covered by twilight. He opened his left eye, carefully. He thought:”If the enemy is around it is vise not to show consciousness.” After a long squinting he decided for scouting from the squatting position. He glanced, looked around thoroughly and moaned:”Mother dear, is this horror all because of the stupid bad mark?! ” “Not because of the stupid bad mark, but because of your wish to disappear to the place without the school”, whispered the squeaky voice from the school-bag. Slaven stopped breathing and even his own heart moved from its regular place. The heart-beat could be heard from his neck and made his voice more quite:”Who are you?” Giggling could be heard:”You? .haw-haw- haw... You wanted to ask: who we were? “ Slaven resolutely untied the school-bag and met hot glances of sparkling eyes. “We are The Bonfire Spirits, your good home genius.” He thought:”Either I daydream, or the punishment for bed marks has deteriorated.” He rubbed his eyes and asked:”My, what?” “The Bonfire Spirits… haw- haw-haw... “, unknown voices laughed. “It is very nice! I must have got mad!” he exclaimed doubtfully. “You haven’t got mad. The only thing is that very strongly you wished to be on the place without school, bad marks or classrooms.” “Wouldn’t you tell me how I got here, where I wished to be?!” “We returned fifteen centuries backwards, of course!” “Backwards? What you mean by backwards?” “I mean backwards, compared to the present time. Right now you are close to Owl Mountain, the sole fortress of Sunstroke Lady” Slaven kneeled. Around him there was a swamp, mud, water plants and rotten logs. The bush rustled and it was generating unknown sounds. Behind the back he heard wings chatter as well as three ominous owls’ roar. He was wondering:”What to do?” his legs flow with unanswered question through gorge and vert. He ran as an Olympics’ winner. He was running as the quickest runners of all time. While he was running he was thinking:”I am so unlucky! I am sure I am breaking the World record, and there is no one around.” While thinking, he almost crashed into the fortress on his way. He stacked on the stone wall. The left hand he placed on his hearth. He tried to calm the hearts’ batting as he was afraid it could disclose him. He inbreathes deeply, stopped breathing and started the sightseeing of the fortress. He was holding strongly the school bag, and the Bonfire Spirits were reciting:”Everyone is alone with his own pain.” Pressed with his own burden, Slaven reached heavy, half opened, fortress door. The Bonfire Spirits were whispering that he was close to the heart of the Owl Mountain, in the sole fortress of Sunstroke Lady. Slaven kept hidden. Not far from him an elderly man was piling up timber and forming signs with it. The footsteps were heard and after that the deep voice:”Sedeslav, what are you noting down today?” The old man who was obviously named Sedeslav, answered contently:”Be healthy my dear Mironja. I have been writing about Fairies the fateful, who called upon Sunstroke Lady’s son Zoran. They profusely gifted him: the first Fairy gifted him the common sense, the second one gifted him the courage and the third one gifted him in great number of children who would rescue us from this dark Owl Mountain and take us to a better land where we would be happy and content.” Mironja very proudly nodded and when he wanted to add something, Slaven accidently sneezed. As he sneezed, he hit round stone which he was pressing in his fists. The whole world was swinging under his legs, and the air looked like it had been mixed with the clouds. As he was disappearing through a white haze, he could hear The Bonfire Spirits screams and weapons cracking from the huge fortress half opened door. *** Slaven found himself in the middle of Tvrđa, in the same place on which he wished to become the inhabitant of the World without any school. The round stones he was still pressing in his fists. The contours of the Music school unclearly become discernible. Tvrđa was already wrapped into the twilight. It was illuminated by the window lights and by rare car lights. He suddenly become aware that he disobeyed one more rule: permitted time for being outside in the evening has run out, long time ago. While running home he knew that he was in the middle of the life problems: his Mum would not accept any of the reasons he would make up on the way home. Under his t-shirt with New York sticker on he felt the sweat rolling down the body which become sticky. Aunt Nada would surely remind him that worst troubles are those in which the person is alone. Wasn’t it that Clint Eastwood sad something similar? Hem, this is for sure one of the worst trouble. All around there was the danger, and he was all by himself. The Bonfire Spirits were silent. To Slaven it appeared that by silence they confirm this truth. They were completely quietened and did not answer on any of his questions:”What to do right now?” He has not lied to his Mum up to now. It was not because he was not in the situation to tell something untrue or to skip telling or modifying something, but simply he did not know how to tell lie. Carefully he unlocked the door and peeped through into the living room. Mum was sitting in front of the television set with telephone in one hand and with remote control in another. She almost did not notice his arrival. After he coughed, she jumped and cried:”You tell me, where you have been until now?!” New York’s t-shirt in the region of his heart was pulsating and disclosing alarm within him. Slaven thought:” As always, she knows everything. Somebody informed her about the bad mark in pollination, as well as The Bonfire Spirits, swamp, Sdeslav, Sunstroke Lady and Zoran. ” “Do you even know what has happened?” asked Mum. “I know how I wouldn’t know? I got bad mark in pollination.” The Bonfire Spirits screamed:”Bad mark...haw-haw- haw.... in pollination” Slaven cough and quickly continued:”We were revising the material from the previous grade and I...did not...know...” Mum was still gazing in the television “The twins in New York had collapsed. We could have been at the beginning of a new war, and you had had disappeared without a trace!” She turned towards Slaven:” Wasn’t you attacked by someone?” The Bonfire Spirits spoke in choir:”We were attacked! We were attacked!” Slaven was thinking of what happened on the Owl Mountain and unsafely muttered:”No. In fact, I was kicking round stones a little bit, and you know...” Mum took a long breath:”Round stones? Because of your games I will lose the only nerve I have. Have the dinner and hit the sack!” The next moment she raised her forefinger towards television set and the braking news. Slaven was gulping down oat flakes. He tried to be as quite as possible and invisible. This evening he knew for sure that one gets hurt from the things that he is not afraid of. Conspiracy of the Furious The next morning main concern was – where to put magical round stones? Slaven was carefully watching them, measuring and even trying to hear any sound that he might have missed. After a while he concluded that the cleverest is to keep them always close to him, but separately. Carefully he put the magical round stones in his school bag, each one in separate compartment. Besides round stones, he was confused by appearing of miracle creatures, the unpredictable the Bonfire Spirits. He was searching the whole room trying to find their shelter, but the very morning they disappeared without trace. He browses through all home encyclopaedias trying to find the explanation of their names, but unfortunately that pursuit ended without any result. He could find not a single word about the Bonfire Spirits. After all he thought that the Bonfire Spirits and the events that happened on the Owl Mountain seemed like a result of his imagination. In deep thoughts he was watching the school bag. Every single idea on what really happened was interrupted by echo of well known Aunt Nada sentences. They were going on in his mind like same old boring jingle:”Greater treasure bigger burden, greater treasure bigger burden, greater treasure bigger burden...” He went to school on time like he was going every day. Leaving the apartment-house he bumped into Iris, while leaning herself on his apartment-house wall, looking as she was waiting for him. Once again he looked at her closely and thought:”It is only my impression. Why should she wait for me? Although she sits only two banks away from me in the same classroom of the Music school, she plays piano ; we have never kept the company together. Humph, oh, yes, two times we played computer games together, but we have never been together on any birthday parties , I am not even her facebook- friend, I have never lend her my English notebook although it circled among all the classmates...Even I left the hall during her last concert. So, she is by chance leaning herself on his apartment-house wall.” They hit the ground towards the school, and before they passed the first apartments block Iris begun to speak:”I have seen you!” Slaven looked at her carefully.” Really? So, what? I have seen you, as well. I have been looking at you right now.” Iris crossed he eyes scanning as a fox:”I saw you yesterday in Tvrđa” First of all Slaven frosted himself and afterword raised hackles. He felt that each hair on his hands and lags rose.”You, what? You have seen me? You must be mad! I haven’t been in Tvrđa yesterday!” At once, Iris started to yell:” Yes! Five minutes before me you left Music school, a while you were sitting beside the Plague Monument observing the golden pigeon on the top of the monument.” “Is sitting beside the monument forbidden?” “No, it is not. However, it is forbidden that what happened after. “After? I don’t know what you are talking about.” “I am talking about what you have done before it was heard- bag! Crash!, pow!” “You are talking nonsense.” “Bag crash!, pow! Very clearly I have heard, and have seen!” “You could not have seen anything.” “I could not have seen anything unless, you have turned into nothing.” Slaven could feel that he is turning pale, then red, then pale again:”Psst...Hush, what is with you? You want to trumpet forth to the whole world?” Iris couldn’t wait for this: “I will not tell to anyone a word, I swear, unless you take me with you! Show me how you disappear!” Slaven tried to formulate convicting excuse. He was postponing the answer, and at the end he sat stiffly:”All I can do is to show you magical round stones.” He could feel fidget in the school bag and The Bonfire Spirits whisper:”The secrets are not to be disclosed!” It was too late to retreat. Iris was smiling gently. Satisfied, she rubbed her hands:” I have not asked for anything else. I would gladly see them.” They stopped in a near park and after he took the magical round stones from his school bag, Iris grabbed them and hit one on another:” Fly, fly, little birdie...whirrrrrrrrr...” Slaven wished to take back his magical round stones. He went close to Iris and with one hand he touched her shoulder. He wanted to speak up warning, but the words were disappearing somewhere in his throat. All around there was known haze and the distant, peculiar silence. *** “Why is this violence?”, asked Iris with squeaky voice, while raising up from the ground. She was unhappily inspecting her cloths soiled with lives and mud. She continued with insulted manner of speaking:”Shame on you! Beside that I will tell to the class that you are simply niggard and greedy person. You think that your two round stones are the whole mountain, oh my dear...when I think twice, I do not want to see them anymore!” Slaven was not answering. Carefully he was watching the environment. He was trying to recognise it and to find out whether they are on the Owl Mountain. He got the feeling that they were much closer to swamp ; to be precise into its very hart. He turned in the direction of the West and he saw the Owl Mountain in far away distance. The Sunstroke Lady Fortress looked like the castle was built out of so tinny and unreal Lego-cubes. Cheerfully Iris started to sing:” Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf The big bad wolf, The big bad wolf, Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf Tra la la la la, I am not afraid of the big bad wolf, I am brave, I am not afraid of anyone, tra la la la la!” Slaven glanced at her angrily:” Will you, please, stop!? Do you have to alert all the wild animals upon our arrival? In other words, would you like to be a meal to a bloodthirsty snake or an eagle- owl? His words were effective. Iris’s presence was obvious only by her sniffling. Instead of Iris, The Bonfire Spirits uttered a sound:”Be careful, you have burst into the meeting of the Dark Age powers.” Iris, became rooted to the spot:”Who is that, anyway?” The Bonfire Spirits were answering instead of Slaven:”We are the good home genius. You shut up, little one! With your chit-chat you will draw evil force on us all.” The Bonfire Spirits were interrupted in their explanation by the sound of dark voices. One of the them was prominent among the others with its metal timber which cut the swamp as the sharp sword.”Listen to me you furies, demons, monsters and evil genius!” The Bonfire Spirits squeaked:”Woe, it is the Lord, The Black God – the sovereign of the evil forces of the Underworld!” The Black God was shouting:” I command you the new crime, today!” Un ugly woman with pimples on her nose was delightfully screaming:” Mmmmmm, munch, crime, mmmm, at least!” The Bonfire Spirits were shivering:”It’s the evil Morana! Slaven, please be careful!” Slaven moved towards the Bonfire Spirits:”Who is Morana?” The Bonfire Spirits were answering quietly:”Morana is so called Bugbear (Bogey-monster). She is the most loyal assistant of the Black God.” Slaven and Iris held their hands breathlessly. The furious were quiet as well. The hunger for crime of the Lord, the Black God, brutal sovereign of the Underworld, could be seen in their eyes. The Black God jumped and like a live coal sizzled:”You must know that evil is prepared for us: Svarog send Fairies the faithful with the nice presents for Lady Sunstroke’s son Zoran.” Slaven casted a questioning eye upon the Bonfire Spirits, and they shivering whispered:” “Svarog is the God of Goodness. He is stronger compared to the Black God. However sometimes Svarog is not able to recognise the Black God’s conspiracy. The furious and the freaks were screaming:”Yea, yea, boo, boo, what – hundred times spit on!” The Black God continued proudly:”Fairies the faithful have foretold to Zoran great number of children who would rescue all people from the Owl Mountain to a new sunny land.” After the Black God words Bugbear screeched:”Who are we going to torture? Who are we going to be evil to? Crime and wickedness formed the storm above the group. Spiral bodies raised the clouds of turbulent dust. The Black God furiously howled:”What are we supposed to do? I ask you: What are we supposed to do?” The swamp was humming filed with echo of creepy voices of freaky creatures:”We have to stop them! Nowhere are they going to go.” The Black God raised the left hand up. The howls abated, after which dull silence appeared. The Black God turned towards Bugbear:”Since you are the worst, the most poisoned I entrust you with the task to strike at the root of Sunstroke Lady. She must not be allowed to milk and the faith would not be fulfilled!” After the Black God words, the Furious handed hands in hands and started singing: ” Zoran is no threat for us Without the carry mother, Bugbear was stretching her hairy beard proudly:” The Black God, I have got a plan.” The wicked screamed:”The plan! The plan! Morana has the plan!” Morana calmly speculated:” The duke Zlomir I will tempt.” After her words the Furious sobbingly started to scream:”Zlomir should be tempted.” Morana continued:”I will break the spell on him!” To the Furious other freaks joined as well:” Haw- haw-haw…Spell on Zlomir.” The Black God was thinking aloud:”Zlomir will wall the Sunstroke Lady into his castle and Zoran will be without the mother!” Morana exclaimed after all was said:”Hurray!” She made some acrobatic turn forward and backwards, raised the wind and with the sound jumped high in the air. As soon as she jumped off the ground, her look was nailed to the two unknown creatures, Iris and Slaven. Her face deformed of fury and anger. Her forth finger was pointed into Slaven and Iris:”Intruders!” Slaven tried to be quick. Strongly he hit one round stone onto another. He managed to see the Furious turning readily for attack. He was surrounded with the thick fog. Iris kept him to his right sleeve, the Bonfire Spirits were shivering, and evil doers were moving towards them closer and closer. *** Iris and Slaven stood breathless and screeched in the middle of the school yard where nervous school ball spread around. Speechless they looked at each other and at the same time rushed in the school direction. They burst into the school the last moment before locking up. The pupil on duty already prepared big key to lock the entrance door. In front of the geography classroom door Iris and Slaven almost crashed into Šarulja, the geography teacher. Slaven tried to use already known trick - very polite greeting:”Good morning, teacher Šarčević!” Šarulja first smiled at him and added strictly:” So where have you been you two? Have you fallen in love? Look at them, how muddy they are?” Iris is always, when it is not necessary, stronger then the engine and quicker than the airplane. Still breathless, stressing every word answered:”We have just come from the Owl Mountain by the two miracle-round stones. Right there is a conspiracy. not worry, the Bonfire Spirits informed us on time about it...” Slaven hit her with the elbow between the ribs:” The teacher we were in the library trying to find the book about the most important high mountains. We wanted to surprise you with an essay on the topic.” Šarulja stared at and questioning him:”Is it so? Who would say such a thing? Which book have you borrowed so muddy?” Slaven continued to lie:”That book we can borrow in two days, you know. Today we only.., how you say it...” Iris helped him with the expression: “Booked.” Šarulja looked at them and smiled:”You wanted to say, reserved. It is all right my little pigeons. I will be waiting for your essay.” Slaven set into the school desk. He was always laughing on Aunt Nada sayings that school compared to life problems is a vacation. Right now he realised that she was right. What the school is compared to the Black God, Bugbear and the horrible conspiracy? If he gets rid of Iris the school would be again the place for resting. He made an effort to see towards the geographical map. Iris had hiccups. It was normal, because from girls one could not expect anything else but to draw attention. She was at the same time coughing and having hiccups. He was trying to find out about which continent Šarulja is talking about. Iris raised her hand and asked for the permission to leave the classroom. Shutting the door was followed by regular change between coughing, having hiccups and sneezing. As Slaven could not follow the lesson he was investigating the geographical maps. For some time he was turning it over, after that disappointed, left it alone. He though: “The world maps are not anything special. You cannot even find the Owl Mountain on it, for which I have been certain that exists as the dry mud on my blue jeans witness its existence.” The Bonfire Spirits said as if they heard what he was thinking of:” You are going to grow up, and then you will show to all of them what and how it should be done. Even, how the geographical maps should look like.



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Horvat, Jasna
Krijesnici, Zagreb: Algoritam, 2009 (Roman za djecu)
Horvat, J. (2009) Krijesnici. Zagreb, Algoritam.
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