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In Memoriam – Prof. dr. sc. Inga Črepinko – Honorary President of the 37th European Congress of Cytology

Kardum-Skelin, Ika; Mahovlić, Vesna; Smojver-Jezek, Silvana; Kocjan, Gabrijela
In Memoriam – Prof. dr. sc. Inga Črepinko – Honorary President of the 37th European Congress of Cytology // Abstracts of the 37th European Congress of Cytology ; u: Cytopathology 23 (2012) (S1) / Herbert, Amanda (ur.).
Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2012. str. 1-1 (pozvano predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, sažetak, ostalo)

In Memoriam – Prof. dr. sc. Inga Črepinko – Honorary President of the 37th European Congress of Cytology

Kardum-Skelin, Ika ; Mahovlić, Vesna ; Smojver-Jezek, Silvana ; Kocjan, Gabrijela

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Abstracts of the 37th European Congress of Cytology ; u: Cytopathology 23 (2012) (S1) / Herbert, Amanda - Oxford : Wiley-Blackwell, 2012, 1-1

37th European Congress of Cytology (35 ; 2012)

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Dubrovnik-Cavat, Hrvatska, 30.09.-03.10.2012

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In memoriam; Inga Črepinko

With extreme sadness we report the sudden and unexpected departure of Professor Inga Črepinko, a doyenne of European cytology, a pioneer of Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC), a contemporary of Lopez Cardozo, Zajicek, Franzen and Lo¨ whagen, a great inspiration to generations of cytopathologists. Inga Cˇ repinko (1923– 2012) graduated at the School of Medicine, University of Zagreb (1947). From the early days, as a medical student and later as a teaching assistant at the Department of Pathological Antomy (1943–1947), she was interested in diagnostic medicine. Influenced by the lectures in haematological morphology, delivered by Beata Brausil and Erik Hauptmann, she had her first experience of FNAC at the Rebro University Hospital Centre. She founded a Section of Haematology at Merkur University Hospital (1954) and initiated the foundation of the Laboratory for Haematology and Cytology (1964). In association with Hauptmann, she introduced diagnostic FNAC of hematopoietic organs, followed by the thyroid, male gonads, liver and various other sites. She used cytochemistry and modified a method of cell collection from fluids (the Arko-Črepinko method).Inga Črepinko furthered her training in Gissen, Innsbruck and the Boltzmann Institute in Vienna, taking part in international projects by using enzyme cytochemistry in the diagnosis of leukaemia and lymphoma, thus starting a close international collaboration with the Cytology Laboratory of the Merkur University Hospital in Zagreb. She was a Secretary of Section of Haematology (1952– 1964), obtained a Ph.D (1966), completed postgraduate studies in Clinical Cytology (1969) and was appointed Associate Professor at the Zagreb School of Medicine (1981). Throughout her career, Inga Črepinko endeavoured on improving the education of cytotechnologists and cytopathologists ; she lectured at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry and Zagreb School of Health, where she instituted the systematic training of cytotechnologists (1968). From 1967 onwards, she was the Deputy Head of the Postgraduate Studies in Clinical Cytology at the Zagreb University. After the foundation of the Section of Cytology and Cytodiagnosis (today the Croatian Society for Clinical Cytology), Inga Cˇ repinko was appointed its first President (1970) as well as its lifelong Honorary President. She was a co-founder of the residency programme in Medical Cytology (1974), a longstanding member of the International Academy of Cytology and a member of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Croatia. She organised numerous national and international symposia, menthored many graduate and postgraduate theses and authored numerous scientific books and papers. She received the ‘Order of Labour with Gold Wreath’ (1973) and was awarded 11 diplomas and prizes for her contribution to science. Our memory of Inga Črepinko is a memory of kind and caring person who spoke softly and fondly about cells and was always striving to improve the potential of diagnostic cytology to its limits, not only by morphology but also by technical improvements, cytochemistry, immunocytochemistry and molecular methods. She passed her professional enthusiasm to numerous generations of cytopathologists. Inga Črepinko occupies an important place in the history of Croatian and European cytopathology and her name will stand with those of the greatest.

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108-1081873-1893 - Prognostički faktori, dijagnostika i terapija hemoblastoza (Branimir Jakšić, )
198-1980955-0953 - Imunobiologija kronične B-limfocitne leukemije i mikrookoliš (Ozren Jakšić, )

Klinička bolnica "Merkur",
Medicinski fakultet, Zagreb,
Klinika za plućne bolesti "Jordanovac",
Klinička bolnica "Dubrava",
Klinički bolnički centar Zagreb,
Akademija medicinskih znanosti

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