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The Importance of Cultural Differences in International Negotiations

Bezić, Heri; Kaštelan, Kristina; Galović, Tomislav
The Importance of Cultural Differences in International Negotiations // Economic System of European Union and Accession of Bosnia & Herzegovina / Kandžija, Vinko, Andrej Kumar (ur.).
Travnik, B&H: University of Travnik, B&H, 2012. str. 135-149

The Importance of Cultural Differences in International Negotiations

Bezić, Heri ; Kaštelan, Kristina ; Galović, Tomislav

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Economic System of European Union and Accession of Bosnia & Herzegovina

Kandžija, Vinko, Andrej Kumar

University of Travnik, B&H

Travnik, B&H


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Negotiation, European countries, cultural differences, communication styles, verbal and nonverbal communication

Researchers analyzing cross-cultural communication processes tend to simplify the big challenges of knowing and understanding different cultures. Cultures are created, developed and regenerated under the influence of different environmental factors. When doing business abroad, clients, employees and business partners share their home culture, which may be quite different from the beliefs and lifestyle of their peers, the clients, employees and business partners in the host country. The key elements of establishing a successful communication are the sensitivity towards and the understanding of the negotiation context differing from one’s own negotiating context. In many cases, insufficient preparation and lack of knowledge on cultural and business practices of the partner country may result in business failure. Therefore, the authors analyzed the essential determinants of successful negotiation based on the awareness of the significance of knowing cultural differences, communication styles as well as the importance of verbal and nonverbal communication. The main goal of this research was to explore the relevant features of business negotiation processes and cultures in selected European and foreign countries. The focus is directed towards determining the significance and the affirmation of behavior in terms of business which applies to almost all human activities. The authors analyze the basic cultural communication styles and communication problems that may arise during negotiations on the foreign market due to these differences. The research aims to prove the major premise that the interactions between cultures of individual countries have a crucial impact on the success and failure of business performance on domestic and international markets.

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081-0811403-1414 - Inovativnost, transfer tehnologije i konkurentnost hrvatskog izvoza (Heri Bezić, )

Ekonomski fakultet, Rijeka