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Balance of glucosinolates content under Cd stress in two Brassica species

Jakovljević, Tamara; Cvjetko, Marina; Sedak, Marija; Đokić, Maja; Bilandžić, Nina; Vorkapić-Furač, Jasna; Radojčić Redovniković, Ivana
Balance of glucosinolates content under Cd stress in two Brassica species // Plant physiology and biochemistry, 63 (2013), 99-106 doi:10.1016/j.plaphy.2012.10.019 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Balance of glucosinolates content under Cd stress in two Brassica species

Jakovljević, Tamara ; Cvjetko, Marina ; Sedak, Marija ; Đokić, Maja ; Bilandžić, Nina ; Vorkapić-Furač, Jasna ; Radojčić Redovniković, Ivana

Plant physiology and biochemistry (0981-9428) 63 (2013); 99-106

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Brassica species; cadmium; glucosinolates; hHeavy metal accumulation; sulfur

We designed a pot experiment to study the changes of growth parameters, accumulation of Cd in cabbage and kale, during a prolonged exposure period with two harvests (after 45 and 75 days of plant growth). Simultaneously, we monitored changes of total S and GSL contents in different plant organs. Both Brassica species showed tolerance to Cd, since no obvious symptoms of metal toxicity were displayed and no significantly reduced of plant biomass were recorded. Moreover, a trend of root biomass enhancement was noticed. In general, the Cd concentration in roots was higher than in other organs. Data indicate that the transport system from roots to shoots was already saturated after the first growing period, while root continued to accumulate Cd during the second growing period. Regardless of differences in the GSL content between cabbage and kale, both Brassica species had a similar response to Cd exposure, indicating that the Brassicacea plant family could have unique features for the regulation of GSL content in order to balance the roles of GSLs as defence compounds and as S reservoirs. During the first growing period, GSLs in leaves and root could be more involved in ameliorating S deficiency rather than plant defence. After long-term Cd exposure, we found differences between GSL patterns in leaves and root. Furthermore, we found increased total GSL levels in the stem during whole experiment which indicates that stem could serve as a GSLs storage organ under Cd stress. This paper provides new insight into the possible roles of GSL in Cd stress.

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Veterinarska medicina, Biotehnologija


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048-0481186-1184 - Učinci i sudbina veterinarskih lijekova i vakcina u organizmu životinja (Svjetlana Terzić, )
058-0582261-2256 - Biološki aktivni spojevi domaćih sorta brokule i kakao zrna. (Ivana Radojčić Redovniković, )

Hrvatski veterinarski institut, Zagreb,
Prehrambeno-biotehnološki fakultet, Zagreb

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