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Development of Information Systems for Managing Construction Project

Pejović, Tamara; Radujković, Mladen; Izetbegović, Jadranko
Development of Information Systems for Managing Construction Project // Proceedings IIS / Maleković, Mirko ; Lovrenčić, Alen (ur.).
Varaždin: Fakultet organizacije i informatike, 1999. str. 1-9 (predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, cjeloviti rad (in extenso), znanstveni)

Development of Information Systems for Managing Construction Project

Pejović, Tamara ; Radujković, Mladen ; Izetbegović, Jadranko

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Radovi u zbornicima skupova, cjeloviti rad (in extenso), znanstveni

Proceedings IIS / Maleković, Mirko ; Lovrenčić, Alen - Varaždin : Fakultet organizacije i informatike, 1999, 1-9

10th International Conference Information and Intelligent Systems IIS'99

Mjesto i datum
Varaždin, Hrvatska, 22-24.09.1999

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Information system; construction industry

The paper describes the concept of developing an information system for managing construction projects. For the success of a project and also a business system it is very important that they be managed based on good quality and well timed information. In doing this, difficulties arise in the form of specific conditions common to construction projects such as large numbers of participants, complex and unstable processes, application of various technologies, influence of external environment on the project, work performed outdoors, ... Available time for preparation and project realization is regularly too short, so project managers need dependable, simple, quick and sufficiently accurate procedures for the collection of well timed information.This paper demonstrates directions which should be taken for further development of an information system which is specially adopted for the specific construction project environment. Data collected on the current situation of information flow and processing is also shown. This data is from construction projects from a representative sample of construction companies in the Republic of Croatia. Results of the research into the existing situation are shown in the paper through a descriptive analysis and graphical demonstration. Using knowledge, a concept is proposed that includes collection, processing and division of information, and the development of systems for the construction industry. The proposed system is described in the paper through three management levels: construction site, project preparation, and management of business systems. Special attention is given to preconditions, structural systems, necessary resources, responsibility and system functioning.

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Građevinski fakultet, Zagreb