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Primary T-cell lymphoma of the brain. Case report

Žarković, Kamelija; Jakić- Razumović, Jasminka; Jurić, Gordana; Bešenski, Nada; Paladino, Joško
Primary T-cell lymphoma of the brain. Case report // Virchows Archiv
Berlin, Njemačka, 2001. (poster, domaća recenzija, sažetak, stručni)

Primary T-cell lymphoma of the brain. Case report

Žarković, Kamelija ; Jakić- Razumović, Jasminka ; Jurić, Gordana ; Bešenski, Nada ; Paladino, Joško

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Virchows Archiv / - , 2001

18th European Congres of Pathology

Mjesto i datum
Berlin, Njemačka, 8-13. 09. 2001

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Introduction. The majority of CNS lymphomas are B cell neoplasm's. Primary T cell lymphomas are extremely rare and were reported less then 15 times. The tumor may be single or multiple cerebral masse, or may be restricted to the leptomeninges. The reported primary T cell lymphomas have a variable histology: small cells mixed small and large cell, large cell tumor and unclassifiable tumor cells. According to their phenotypic similarities with normal lymphocytes T cell lymphomas are divided into thymic, immature T cell and post-tymic, mature T cell neoplasm. Clinical details. The 60-year-old woman was at firs examined by neurologist teen days before surgical treatment. Right side haemiparesis and dysphasia was preset. MRI on coronary, sagital and transferal sections showed in T1 sequences hipointensive signal, in T2 central hiperintensive signal and in DWI hipointensive signal of solitary intracerebral tumor lesion in the left temporal region. After contrast media administration extensive contrast enhancement was in tumor lesion and in perifocal brain region. Tumor lesion ranged 4 x 2 cm between base of left temporal lobe and the level of lateral ventricle roof. Lesion was in some parts well-, and in other poorly defined. Overlying brain parenchyma was normal except moderate diffuse atrophy. Differential diagnosis included single metastasis without hemorrhage and necrosis or law grade glioma. No systemic lymphoma or HTLV I infection was performed. Patient was operated by left temporo-parietal craniotomy. The expansive soft and grayish mass was removed. Neuropathology findings. The biopsy after neurosurgical treatment yielded two pieces of soft and grayish tissue ranged in diameter 7 mm. Hematoxyllin and eosin-stained sections of paraffin embedded tissue showed tumor tissue composed of small lymphoid cells with some nuclear irregularity. The sheets of cells in some part were closely packed and in other were quite loosely distributed. Perivascular accentuation of tumor cells and concentric reduplication of reticulin in the wall of blood vessels were common. Very often there were small foci of tumor in normal brain in the form of tumor cells around blood vessels. No mitosis was present in tumor tissue. Staining by LCA, CD3 and CD8 were positive in tumor cells. There were also many macrophage, plasma cells and mature B lymphocyte. Light chain restriction was not shown. Conclusion. T cell primary brains Non Hodgkin lymphoma composed of small lymphoid cells are extremely and was were reported less then 5 times.

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