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Low flow analysis of the lower Drava River

Mijušković-Svetinović, Tatjana; Maričić, Siniša
Low flow analysis of the lower Drava River // IOP Conf. Series: Earth and Environmental Science, 4 (2008), 1; 1-11 (prethodno priopcenje, znanstveni)

Low flow analysis of the lower Drava River

Mijušković-Svetinović, Tatjana ; Maričić, Siniša

IOP Conf. Series: Earth and Environmental Science (1755-1307) 4 (2008), 1; 1-11

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Lower Drava River; hydrology; discharge; low streamflow; truncation level

Understanding the regime and the characteristics of low streamflows is of vital importance in several aspects. It is essential for the effective planning, designing, constructing, maintaining, using and managing different water management systems and structures. In addition, frequent running and assessing of estimates of low stream-flow statistics are especially important when different aspects of water quality are considered. This paper attempts to present the results of a stochastic analysis of the River Drava low flow from the gauging station, Donji Miholjac [located at rkm 77+700]. Currently, almost all specialists apply the truncation method in low-flows analysis. Taking this into consideration, it is possible to accept the definition of a low streamflow, as a period when the analysed characteristics are either, equal to or lower than the truncation level of drought. The same method has been applied in this analysis. The calculating method applied takes into account all the essential components of the afore-mentioned process. This includes a number of elements, such as the deficit, duration or the time of the occurrence of low flows, the number of times, the maximum deficit and the maximum duration of the low flows in the analysed time period. Moreover, this paper determines computational values for deficits and for the duration of low flow in different return periods.

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