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Control of algae using barley straw

Pavić Valentina; Galović, Dalida; Has-Schön Elizabeta; Bogut, Ivan
Control of algae using barley straw // Proceeding Summary, 7. Međunarodni gospodarsko - znanstveni skup o ribarstvu / Ivan Bogut (ur.).
Vukovar: Hrvatska gospodarska komora, 2011. str. 21-22 (predavanje, domaća recenzija, sažetak, znanstveni)

Control of algae using barley straw

Pavić Valentina ; Galović, Dalida ; Has-Schön Elizabeta ; Bogut, Ivan

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Proceeding Summary, 7. Međunarodni gospodarsko - znanstveni skup o ribarstvu / Ivan Bogut - Vukovar : Hrvatska gospodarska komora, 2011, 21-22

7. Međunarodni gospodarsko - znanstveni skup o ribarstvu

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Vukovar, Hrvatska, 07. - 09.04.2011

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Algae; growth control; barley straw

Algae cause a number of problems in organized aquatic systems. They impede flow in drainage systems ; block pumps and sluices ; interfere with navigation, fishing and other forms of recreation ; cause taint and odor problems in potable waters ; block filters and, in some instances, create a health hazard to humans, livestock and wildlife. These problems are increasing because nutrient concentrations in water are rising as a result of human activity and natural processes. Because of their small size and rapid growth rates, unicellular algae are difficult to control by methods used for other aquatic plants. Algae are susceptible to herbicides, but this approach is unpopular in some waters on environmental or human and aquatic population health grounds. Furthermore, herbicides also kill higher plants so the regrowth of algae is not restricted by competition from the higher plants and the problem may worsen in subsequent years. The application of barley straw to water has been tested in a wide range and has proved to be very successful in most situations with no undesirable side-effects. When barley straw is put into water, it starts to decompose and during this process compounds are released which inhibit the growth of algae. It offers a cheap, environmentally acceptable way of controlling algae in water bodies ranging in size from garden ponds to large reservoirs, streams, rivers and lakes. Despite the simplicity of the idea, experience has shown that there are a number of basic rules that must be followed to ensure that the straw works successfully. The purpose of this work is to provide practical advice on the optimum ways of using straw for controlling algal growth in organized aquatic systems.

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