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Parish Church of St. Servulus

Zajec, Vlasta; Repanić-Braun, Mirjana
Parish Church of St. Servulus, 2010. (virtualni muzej, katalog).

Parish Church of St. Servulus

Zajec, Vlasta ; Repanić-Braun, Mirjana

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Baroque; 18th century; architecture; sculpture; painting; Buje; Giovanni Dongetti; Antonio Naiber; Giovanni Marchiori; Gaetano Callido; Giuseppe Camerata

During rebuilding in the Baroque period this one-time nave and two-aisle church was re-modelled into a nave church with side chapels. Giovanni Dongetti began the construction but disagreements between him and his client resulted in Dongetti leaving the project. Antonio Naiber of Koper, with partial alterations to Dongetti’s original design, completed the church in 1768. The most important sculptures are the marble figures of St. Servulus and St. Sebastian on the high altar, the first documented works of the Italian sculptor, Giovanni Marchiori. The bases of both statues are signed ; that of St. Servulus is dated 1737. These are highly proficient works, the Classicist orientation of which is without parallel in Venetian sculpture contemporary to it. Also in the church is an organ by Gaetano Callido of 1791. The paintings of Giuseppe Camerata are on the side walls of the church.

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020-0202685-2700 - Barok, klasicizam, historicizam u sakralnoj umjetnosti kontinentalne Hrvatske (Mirjana Repanić-Braun, )

Institut za povijest umjetnosti, Zagreb