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ICT Knowledge and Skills of Croatian Polytechnic Students

Dukić, Darko; Kozina, Goran
ICT Knowledge and Skills of Croatian Polytechnic Students // Technics Technologies Education Management-TTEM, 7 (2012), 2; 758-764 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

ICT Knowledge and Skills of Croatian Polytechnic Students

Dukić, Darko ; Kozina, Goran

Technics Technologies Education Management-TTEM (1840-1503) 7 (2012), 2; 758-764

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ICTs; knowledge and skills; level of equipment; polytechnic students

Within a short period of time, information and communication technologies (ICTs) have profoundly changed society, making their impact noticeable in virtually all aspects of everyday life. ICTs are today viewed as essential tools that one has to master in order to fully participate in the information society. The aim of this paper was to establish which ICT knowledge and skills are present among Croatian polytechnic students, as well as the level of ICT equipment available to them. In this way we tried to examine the extent to which students are prepared for the use of modern technologies in the learning and teaching process, as their implementation in higher education is part of the strategic documents of the Republic of Croatia. Our research included 767 students enrolled in five Croatian polytechnics. The obtained results showed a good level of equipment, whereas the level of ICT skills can be seen as partially satisfactory (when interpreting the results it should be kept in mind that the survey was based on self-assessment). Within the analysis, inferential statistics methods were used to establish the significance of differences in ICT competencies with regard to defined features (gender, year of study and professional field of study).

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