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One method for searching the best discrete TL_p approximation

Sabo, Kristian; Baumgartner, Alfonzo
One method for searching the best discrete TL_p approximation // Mathematical Communications - Supplement, 1 (2001), 1; 63-68. (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, članak, znanstveni)

One method for searching the best discrete TL_p approximation

Sabo, Kristian ; Baumgartner, Alfonzo

Mathematical Communications - Supplement (1333-0829) 1 (2001), 1; 63-68.

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Discrete TL_p approximation; natural cubic spline

On the basis of the given data we will show how efficiently the best TL_p natural cubic spline can be found. Cases p=1, 2 will be especially considered. The best TL_1 spline is of special interest because it is insensitive to the so called outliers, although for its constuction it is necessary to carry out a multidimensional minimization of an undifferetiable function. For that purpose Nelder-Meads Downhill Simplex Method is used. For the calculation of the distance from the data-point to the spline the Brent Method for onedimensional minimization is used. Also, based on the described methods we will show generating of the optimal curve of the second order on the basis of the given data. The method is illustrated with examples developed on the basis of our own programs written in the C programming language.

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