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Proceedings of the EU-CHIC International Conference on Cultural Heritage Preservation

Proceedings of the EU-CHIC International Conference on Cultural Heritage Preservation, Zagreb: Građevinski fakultet, 2012 (zbornik)

Proceedings of the EU-CHIC International Conference on Cultural Heritage Preservation

Roko, Žarnić ; Rajčić, Vlatka ; Vodopivec, Barbara

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Građevinski fakultet





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heritage protection ; EU-Chic

The Coordinated Action ‘EU Cultural Heritage Identity Card’ (EU-CHIC) proposes a strategy for the use of the most efficient methods and tools to harmonise criteria and indicators for tracking environmental changes, and human interventions, on tangible cultural heritage buildings and assets across Europe and its neighbouring countries. It demonstrates how significant cost-benefit advantages can be achieved for all owners, managers, authorities and conservators who are charged with the protection of such movable and immovable assets. Through promoting the monitoring and systematic reporting of all human and natural changes-of-state, the application of the EU-CHIC results aim to assist in making the most appropriate knowledgeable and relevant economic choices for effective preventive conservation work. The main objective of EU-CHIC was to develop and test guidelines that are required for the efficient compilation and storage of data pertinent to each asset under observation. The emerging systems aim to support sustainable maintenance, preventive conservation, and the rehabilitation of historic sites and monuments. They will also assist in the application of newly developed strategies designed to evaluate efficiency, and in the creation of user-friendly methodologies used for screening time-varying changes to heritage buildings as a result of human intervention and environmental impact. Participating Action partners will promote and assist in the introduction of the EU-CHIC results in their respective countries, and further facilitate their use in neighbouring countries through links with governmental and other authorities responsible for cultural heritage protection and preservation work. Coordinating activities at a national and international level, the consortium consisted of 12 partners from 11 countries - Slovenia, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Poland, and Spain. Development of the Action was achieved through the activities of four core Work Packages, supported by coordination and dissemination activities. The main tasks of the project were to: • Review and document current methodologies and tools for data collection and assessment ; • Develop criteria and indicators for risk assessment ; • Develop guidelines for future development of methods and tools for the collection and storing of data required for evaluating time-varying changes of heritage assets ; and, • Consolidate recommendations and strategies, adjusted to the particular needs and heritage preservation approaches in different European and neighbouring countries. A significant future aim of the EU-CHIC Action is to stimulate and/or assist in the creation of new initiatives for the regular monitoring and inspection of historic buildings and monuments in a manner similar to that implemented by the “Monumentenwacht” organisation in the Netherlands, and Flanders Region of Belgium. Such initiatives are anticipated in the various project beneficiaries’ countries and regions with the guidance and support of the projects’ Advisory Network and Committee. The five EU-CHIC Advisory Committee members, from Egypt, France, Norway, United Kingdom (Scotland) and The Netherlands, aim to lead the EU-CHIC Advisory Network and assist in cooperating with those responsible for safeguarding the cultural heritage, and with other stakeholders involved in heritage protection. The participation of Advisory Committee members in Steering Committee meetings have also contributed to an adaptation of the project goals and achievements to help meet, and address, real end-user needs The final EU-CHIC conference, entitled 'The International Conference on Cultural Heritage Preservation', held in Split, Croatia, will be an opportunity to present the background and achievements of the Action to a wider professional community, and to receive critical observations on the project outcomes through discussion. As the project concludes in September 2012, the Conference conclusions will be incorporated in, and assist in refining, the final EU-CHIC results.

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082-1491823-1463 - Kompozitni nosivi sustavi drvo-nosivo staklo i drvo-čelik (Vlatka Rajčić, )

Građevinski fakultet, Zagreb


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Proceedings of the EU-CHIC International Conference on Cultural Heritage Preservation, Zagreb: Građevinski fakultet, 2012 (zbornik)
Roko, Ž., Rajčić, V. & Vodopivec, B. (ur.) (2012) Proceedings of the EU-CHIC International Conference on Cultural Heritage Preservation. Zagreb, Građevinski fakultet.
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