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Impact of Facility and Asset Management in Croatia

Katičić, Ljiljana; Lovrinčević, Željko; Ivana Barbara, Turkalj
Impact of Facility and Asset Management in Croatia // EFNMS (European Federation of National Maintenance Society) / Branko Vasić (ur.).
Beograd: DOT, 2012. str. 324-334 (predavanje, međunarodna recenzija, cjeloviti rad (in extenso), znanstveni)

Impact of Facility and Asset Management in Croatia

Katičić, Ljiljana ; Lovrinčević, Željko ; Ivana Barbara, Turkalj

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Radovi u zbornicima skupova, cjeloviti rad (in extenso), znanstveni

EFNMS (European Federation of National Maintenance Society) / Branko Vasić - Beograd : DOT, 2012, 324-334


21 st European Congress on Maintenance and Asset Management

Mjesto i datum
Beograd, Srbija, 14-16.05.2012

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Facility Management; Asset Management; Case Study – e rejuvenation centar Žito d.o.o. - Osijek

One of the areas on which today’s business world, in cooperation with academic community, builds up future development and sustainability, is the Facility and Asset management. According the Nutt, 1999 /1/ the field of Facility Management is still at a very early stage of development in which it is not supported by an adequate knowledge base ; its development to date has been unsupported by practical theory and it is grossly under researched. Then, 1999/2/ recognised Facility Management is the lack of an integrating framework for considering the likely impact and implications of business management trends and strategic management decisions on the provision, and subsequent ongoing management, of corporate operational real estate assets. Facility management is particularly important in countries in transition which lack skills in management of state assets, do not have proper asset registry and elaborated strategic plans. By using a multidisciplinary approach, a good facility manager can significantly contribute to improved financial liquidity and higher quality of services offered by assets. Asset Management is new science discipline for selection, investment, maintenance, control and renewal is crucial for profitability of any industry in which asset operations play important role in business strategy. Excellency in management of physical assets is a systemic approach to efficient use of assets owned or operated by the state, local community or a company. The key goal is to minimise costs of assets during their life cycle and to diminish risks. Today Asset Management has become the focal point to improve and optimize the contribution of a physical asset to the overall success and prosperity of such organizations.

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002-0022469-2470 - Makroekonomska konvergencija Republike Hrvatske Europskoj uniji (Željko Lovrinčević, )

Ekonomski institut, Zagreb