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Determination of surface layer parameters at the edge of a suburban area

Likso, Tanja; Pandžić, Krešo
Determination of surface layer parameters at the edge of a suburban area // Theoretical and applied climatology, 108 (2012), 3/4; 373-384 doi:10.1007/s00704-011-0532-7 (međunarodna recenzija, članak, znanstveni)

Determination of surface layer parameters at the edge of a suburban area

Likso, Tanja ; Pandžić, Krešo

Theoretical and applied climatology (0177-798X) 108 (2012), 3/4; 373-384

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Wind speed; atmospheric surface layer; Monin-Obukhov similarity theory; effective roughness length; wind gust model

Vertical wind and air temperature profile related parameters in the surface layer at the edge of suburban area of Zagreb (Croatia) have been considered. For that purpose, adopted Monin–Obukhov (M-O) similarity theory and a set of observations of wind and air temperature at 2 and 10 m above ground, recorded in 2005, have been used. The root mean square differences (errors) principle has been used as a tool to estimate the effective roughness length as well as standard deviations of wind speed and wind gusts. The results of estimation are effective roughness lengths dependent on eight wind direction sectors unknown before. Gratefully to that achievement, representativeness of wind data at standard 10-m height can be clarified more deeply for an area of at least about 1 km in upwind direction from the observation site. Extrapolation of wind data for lower or higher levels from standard 10-m height are thus properly representative for a wider inhomogeneous suburban area and can be used as such in numerical models, flux and wind energy estimation, civil engineering, air pollution and climatological applications.

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004-1193086-3065 - Metode motrenja i asimilacije meteoroloških podataka (Krešo Pandžić, )

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