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Summary of the first round analyses of the third International Swine CD Workshop

Haverson, Karin; Saalmüller, Armin; Chen, Z.; Huang, C.A.; Simon, A.; Boersma, W.J.A.; Zwart, R.; Niewold, T.A.; Thacker, E.; Llanes, D. et al.
Summary of the first round analyses of the third International Swine CD Workshop // Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology, 80 (2001), 1-2; 25-34 (podatak o recenziji nije dostupan, bibliografija, znanstveni)

Summary of the first round analyses of the third International Swine CD Workshop

Haverson, Karin ; Saalmüller, Armin ; Chen, Z. ; Huang, C.A. ; Simon, A. ; Boersma, W.J.A. ; Zwart, R. ; Niewold, T.A. ; Thacker, E. ; Llanes, D. ; Perez de la Lastra, J.M.P. ; Engelhardt, H. ; Ezquerra, A. ; Alonso, F. ; Dominguez, J. ; Ledbetter, J.A. ; Grosmaire, L. ; Lee, R. ; Nielsen, J. ; Salmon, H. ; Valpotić, Ivica ; Lacković, Gordana ; Šver, Lidija ; Summerfield, A. ; Khanna, K.V.

Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology (0165-2427) 80 (2001), 1-2; 25-34

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Monoclonal antibodies; cluster of differentiation; flow cytometry; swine

The reactivity of 152 monoclonal antibodies submitted to the Third International Swine CD workshop, together with 41 internal standards, was analysed by the flow cytometry on 29 different pig cell targets as well as 2 human cell targets as a means of establing suitable panels of monoclonal antibodies for more detailed clustering analyses by the various subsections of the workshop. Results were collected either without futher gating, with gating based on FS/SS characteristics or with gating based on the co-expression of a reference antibody in 2-colour flow cytometry. The CD or SwC reactivity of the internal standards had been established in previous workshops. Data sets were subsequently analysed by statistical clustering using the Leukocyte Typing Database IV software. The resulting 18 cluster groups were allocated to the appropriate second round sections of the workshop, after reviewing the overall cellular reactivity of each cluster as well as the specifity of known standards which clustered in a group.

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Veterinarska medicina


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Veterinarski fakultet, Zagreb

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